Resumonk is an excellent resume creation web service. Using this intuitive web app you are able to create multiple versions of your curriculum vitae (CV) and have them all stored in your account with different titles. The app offers different resume templates – free as well as paid ones – which you can use to make your resume more visually appealing. Your resumes all have numerous informative fields that you can edit to better define all dimensions of yourself. People who view your CV can download it as a PDF file and store it offline for quicker accessibility later. Let us dive into Resumonk and how it can be used to produce the ultimate online resume. A CV is an overview of your job experience and other qualifications you provide to potential employers.

Getting Started

The first step in using Resumonk is to create an account. Once you get that out of the way and sign in, you can begin creating your new resume. It lets you give your resume a custom title and fill out the fields beginning with bio and contact details.

You then move onto your skills, education, qualifications and previous job experiences. Optionally, you can add details of projects you have worked on, any publications that have been published under your name and any volunteering positions that you have done. Thiss will simply add more sections to your CV that you can fill out accordingly.

With the details of the resume filled out, pick a resume template to use. There are many to choose from, and all offer a professional and visually appealing look. You can choose free templates or premium templates you have to pay for.

Click on a template, and depending on your choice, you’ll be asked to choose a layout. Mostly the layout will simply ask you whether to place your skills before or after your education details, depending on the fields you have filled out.

When your resume has been created, you’re given a notification screen along with a direct link to your online resume, and the option to directly download it as a PDF file.

Your dashboard includes direct links, PDF links, editing options, and deletion options for all the resumes that you have created.


In these tough economic times, having a resume that stands out is vital. Resumonk is a simple to use online resume creation web service that you could definitely use. Not only do you get several template options and easy easy to fill out fields, but the HR department you send it to can download it as a PDF. While the basic features of Resumonk are free, you can opt for its PRO service that costs you a one time payment of $9.99. With the PRO account you get features such as analytics, customized color schemes and data import ability from your LinkedIn account. You can check out Resumonk @ Cv Template Comment