It depends on how much gold, in terms of weight, is actually in the Apple Watch. Apple itself described the model as solid 18-karat gold, but we still don’t know for sure.

We have at least an estimate, however, with Greg Koenig (via Forbes) creating a 3D render of the Apple Watch (above) and estimating around 29.16g, or approximately $1200, worth of gold. Factor in everything else included in manufacturing the watch and Apple’s usual markup and Koenig thinks the watch won’t come in below $5000. Compare that with the hint of a price point close to the entry-level $4000 Mac Pro from the WSJ in recent weeks.

We’ll have to wait to know for sure how Apple decides to price the device (like an iPhone + gold or like a traditional, high-end timepiece), but it appears most consumers are expecting (or at least hoping) for the former. 

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