Restoring your phone should be easy in theory. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. First, you need a computer to do it. Second, you need to make sure all your data is backed up or you risk losing all of your favorite photos, videos and texts. Tap or click here to see how to back up your phone. It’s a pain in the neck to fully back up and restore a phone over a computer. But things might be changing soon, thanks to the efforts of Apple’s software developers. A new recovery option was discovered in the latest iOS beta that doesn’t require a computer at all. It’s about time!

Apple sneaks a computer-free restoration option into the latest iOS 13 beta

9to5Mac discovered a hidden tool for phone repair in the latest beta for iOS 13. Dubbed “Internet Recovery,” the software allows users to download a fresh copy of iOS in the event that their phones become inoperable or glitchy. Previously, you were only able to restore a non-operating iPhone via USB or Wi-Fi connection with PCs and Macs. In other words, owning a full-fledged computer was part and parcel with owning a smartphone. That’s not feasible for a good portion of the population. But should this feature pan out, it will be a major boon for standalone iPhone owners. Take a look at this video that shows off the new feature in action: Using the feature requires you to connect to the internet or another iPhone with a wired or wireless connection. Once the operating system is re-downloaded to your phone, you’ll have a clean install of iOS on your hands.

How do I get this new feature on my device?

Right now, it’s only present on the iOS 13.4 beta. While you can join the Apple beta software program, we don’t explicitly recommend it for security reasons. Beta software is often unfinished, as well as lacking in more robust security measures. Flaws and security holes may still be present, which underlies the entire point of beta testing: to locate bugs and security risks before the final release. That said, iOS 13.4 isn’t all that far from us. This is an update still within the current iOS 13 family of software, so we won’t have to wait until fall to gain access to this feature. Just make sure to back up your phone before testing it out. Not that you’d really need to, though, if your phone is working. Still, it’s nice to have the option since computers are so expensive these days. Tap or click here to see the best laptops for under $1000 dollars.