Some restaurants allow customers to make payment with whatever means they feel comfortable with at that moment, even if it involves using checks. To prevent situations whereby the check is not cleared and the customer has departed, the restaurant usually requests for a valid ID. The list below also includes those restaurants that allow for payment with a credit card, cash, or using a mobile application. Checks are the least accepted mode of payment at a restaurant, so it is advisable to confirm if this mode is accepted at where you are going to eat. 

List of Restaurants That Accept Checks as Means of Payment

Chipotle Mexican Grill: Policies associated with the acceptance of checks in Chipotle restaurants is dictated by managers. Chipotle accepts checks at some locations. You might need to call beforehand to confirm. Domino’s: Domino’s is one of the most popular pizza chains worldwide. The restaurant provides both delivery and carry-out services and also has some dine-in restaurants in select locations. Domino’s accepts checks at select locations. However, just like Chipotle, you’ll need to call beforehand to confirm. Cash is the only payment accepted for food ordered online. International House of Pancakes: Popularly known as IHOP, this restaurant is a pancake house with casual dining carry-out and dine-in options. Checks are accepted at IHOP but a call has to be made beforehand to confirm. IHOP does not accept any checks for food ordered online.  Jimmy John’s: Offering carry-out delivery, catering services, and gourmet sandwiches, Jimmy John’s accept checks at some locations. You need to call the Jimmy John’s close to you to confirm as not all accept payment with checks. Check is not allowed for online ordering. Jimmy John’s are found in all states in the U. S except some states such as Maine, Alaska, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Papa John’s Pizza: Papa John’s offers both deliver and carry-out services and the restaurants rarely accepts checks as a means of payment. Very few franchise owners allow customers to pay for their meals using checks. Checks are not accepted for online delivery. Papa John’s is spread all over the United States. Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut offers Italian fare, fast-casual pizza, carry-out, and delivery services. Pizza Hut allows for checks to be used as means of payment for meals at some locations. Call to confirm if Pizza Hut in your area accepts checks as a means of payment. Only cash is accepted for online orders. Applebee’s: Checks are allowed to be used as a means of payment but this depends on the owner of the particular franchise you are eating. Checks are not taken for orders made online. Cracker Barrel: Checks are accepted for dine-in orders but not for online deliveries.

Restaurants that accept checks as means of payment for deliver

Looking at the restaurants that accept checks as a means of payment for meals, it is evident that none of the above-listed restaurants accept checks as payment for online delivery. However, some restaurants might accept checks as payment when online orders are made and delivered. You should be prepared to produce a photo I.D upon request. 

Restaurants that Do Not Accept Checks 

    Just as there are restaurants that accept checks as a means of payment for meals, there are also those that do not under any circumstances accept checks as a means of payment. Below are some of these restaurants:

Buffalo’s Wild WingsArby’sKentucky Fried ChickenChilli’sOutback SteakhouseOlive GardenRed LobsterPanera Bread and Red Robin Gourmet Brews and Burgers 


Checks as a means of payment for services and goods maybe on a diminishing run. Nevertheless, some business places still accept this method of payment as a valid one. This is because they understand that some customers might not be able to pay for meals using cash or credit cards. Before heading out to eat at any restaurant you should call such restaurant and enquire about the available means of payment. You might be lucky, the eatery close to you might accept checks.

Can I use a checking account to order meals? You can use a checking account to order and pay for meals. It is convenient as it does not require you to leave the house to get cash. Can I use a check as a means of payment on Grubhub? Grubhub has special servers with check-working privileges. When the server takes your order, and the check has been cleared, your order can then be delivered to you. Can I do some online shopping using a check? This might prove difficult as the internet is optimal for e-transactions. Some transactions maybe carried out with the information provided on the check. How can I ask if the customer is ready for a check? As a server, you can do this when clearing the plates or refreshing their drinks. Take care to do this with finesse as some guests might be offended by such questions.