Online platforms is one of the easiest ways of making payment in this century.  On registering on Cash App, one is bossed with a Cash App card. Cash App card works like an automated teller machine card to its users. The cards can be used as credit or debit cards.

Restaurants That Take Cash App

1. McDonald’s 

If one wishes to make a payment in a store with their Cash App card, it is accepted. If one wishes to order food online and pay through the Cash App application, it is not allowed. McDonald’s will only accept Cash Apps payments coming directly from the application. It is adviced to pay at the store with Cash App to enjoy the full McDonald’s treat. All that is required is for one to add their bank details to the Cash App application. 

2. Starbucks

Starbucks is another restaurant that allows payment with Cash App. Provided there is enough money in the account, Starbucks accept Cash App card payments. One can decide to link their Cash App to their Apple Pay on iPhone or Google pay on Android. POS Machines at Starbucks accept Cash App cards too.

3. KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a popular fast-food restaurant in America. All the new mobile payment platforms are allowed at KFC. This includes the use of Cash Apps.

4. Burger King

Burger King is a  fast-rising hamburger restaurant. They have its headquarters located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Burger King accepts Cash App but the user must have to set up the Burger King App on their phone and link the two. This is the only way that one can purchase with a Cash App card on Burger King.

4. Papa John’s

They make one of the tastiest pizzas in the United States, a fast-food restaurant. Papa John’s accepts Cash App cards to pay for their services. One can also order pizza online and pay with the Cash App application or card. Papa John’s is pretty much free with payment restrictions unlike some other stores around town.

5. Domino’s 

Domino’s is a big fast-food company. They are well known for their delicious pizza. Domino’s supplies a number of meals to Americans every day. Cash App is an acceptable means of payment at Domino. Just like Burger Kings, the Cash App application and card are all accepted means of payment.

6. Olive Garden

One can shop for their best food choice at Olive Garden. They offer the best services. Payments with the Cash App application is accpeted at Olive Garden as well as Cash App cards.

7. Panera Bread

One can make payments with Cash App on Panera Bread provided they follow simple instructions. The first thing is to activate it. One can get the Panera Bread App from the Apple store and install it. After linking the apps, one can make payments with Cash App.

8. Wendy’s 

This is one of the most prominent restaurants in America. There are different food that one can order from this restaurant. Wendy’s accepts payments with Cash App. 


Most restaurants accept Cash App as me for payment. The reason is that Cash App cards are more like Visa cards. Provided Visa cards are still very much accepted at different stores, Cash App will continue to be an acceptable means of payment in different stores.

  1. Is it safe to use Cash App?

It has been recorded recently that scammers are online. These online scammers usually make use of the Cash App because it allows them to transfer and send money quickly. That is why Cash App users are advised to only send money and receive money from people they know only to avoid their accounts being hacked. Once their account is hacked,  they may be defrauded.  If care is not taken their friends will be duped too

  1. How do I pay with Cash App at a restaurant?

One can simply hand over their Cash App cards to the delivery person if they ordered the phone. If one is shopping at a store then they can give their cards to the cashier to be swiped. One can decide to make use of a POS machine and withdraw money, then subsequently pay with cash. Whichever way, Cash App saves a lot of people. 

  1. Can I use Cash App at a restaurant without a Cash App card? 

One is allowed to order food with Cash App depending on the particular restaurant. Some restaurants do not accept ordering food with Cash App, they only accept paying with Cash App cards.