Set Up Of Apple Pay Account 

To set up your Apple Pay account you must have a device with the latest version of IOS, an Apple ID that is signed in to iCloud and a credit/debit card. Then add all the required information, and you will be ready to use your Apple Pay account.

Restaurants That Accept Apple Pay

Let’s talk about the most popular restaurants that take Apple Pay and how you can make payments with it.


People enjoy McDonald’s burgers, nuggets, fries, and desserts very much. When it comes to paying the bill, many customers like to pay with Apple Pay. You can easily pay with this method as McDonald’s takes Apple Pay. If you are ordering online then add items to your cart and proceed to checkout, after entering your details you can make payment by selecting buy with Apple Pay. In-store, you can make payment by holding your iPhone close to the reader and it will deduct money from your credit/debit card. 


It is one of the best crunchy fried chicken places with amazing deals. Popeye allows its customers to pay with Apple Pay. In-store you can pay with Apple Pay by placing your phone close to the readers and confirming it with your fingerprint or face ID. If you want to make a payment on the app after selecting items go to the cart and enter the required information and select the pay with Apple Pay option. 

Burger King

You can enjoy very tasty burgers at Burger King, which makes it a popular restaurant. You can pay your bill with Apple Pay in-store and on online orders by just tapping the Apple Pay payment method and confirming it with your fingerprint or Face ID.  

Dunkin Donuts 

You must have heard a lot about the tastiest donuts and coffees at Dunkin. Your favorite restaurant Dunkin lets you pay with Apple Pay with just a single tap. After adding items and filling out the required information you can move on to the payment method and choose Apple Pay. The same is the process for paying in-store.  


Starbucks is a famous coffee shop with a huge variety of coffees. Paying with Apple Pay is available at Starbucks. Just make sure your card credentials are added to your Apple Pay account so you can just place your phone near the reader and verify payment by your security method.

Buffalo Wild Wings 

If you want good wings then make sure you try Buffalo Wild Wings. They have the tastiest wings. They also allow their customers to make payments through Apple Pay in stores and online by just tapping the Apple Pay button. 

Pizza Hut

The most famous place Pizza Hut also takes Apple Pay. Now you can easily pay with just one tap and don’t forget to set up your Apple Pay account before going to the restaurant or making an online order. 

Baskin Robbins 

Baskin Robbins is very famous for selling different ice cream flavors. It has recently started taking payments with Apple Pay so; customers can enjoy their ice-cream by paying with one tap. You just have to put your phone at the reader and confirm it. 

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay at Restaurants

As you know that Apple Pay had made payments very easy and it benefits users a lot by paying with this method at restaurants because of the following reasons:

Payments get faster so there is no need to wait in lines. You can make secure and safe payments. Cashback is given on every transaction which helps in saving money. Restaurants cannot make interest on payments made with Apple Pay.


Apple pay is being used by many users worldwide since it was developed because people find payments easier and safer. Many restaurants take payments by Apple Pay as it avoids lines and does not need to make an extra effort in collecting cash. Make sure you use Apple Pay if you are an IOS user.

Q: Do you get any discount by using Apple Pay?

Answer: No, but you can get 2% cash back on the transaction. 

Q: Do Subway also take Apple Pay?

Answer: Yes, you can make payments with Apple Pay in stores and on subway’s app/website. 

Q: Is it necessary to put credit/debit card details to set up an Apple Pay account?

Answer: Yes it is necessary to put your card information so you can make payments with Apple Pay.