Here are a few eateries that provide FREE or cheap dog treats if you’re outside with your four-legged buddy and want to grab a bite to eat. Be aware that not all places may offer these things or freebies, so just be careful to verify with your neighborhood business before making a special visit.

You can buy something for your dog the next time you go to one of the restaurants listed below.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Ask for a puppy latte, which is whipped cream in a cup, when you are in the drive-thru with your adorable pet. America may run on Dunkin’. Request them for dog treats if you wish to sit and stay for a while.


Be sure to get a Puppuccino the next time you stroll into a Starbucks to pick up your normal venti iced, half-caff, ristretto, 4-pump, sugar-free, breve Skinny Latte. 

You would be right if you assumed it was inappropriate to give your dog a Starbucks caffeinated beverage. 

Don’t do that, please. The Puppuccino is just a tiny cup filled with whipped cream out of their hidden menu that will keep your little guy busy while you wake up in the morning.


In 2005, this cupcake and dessert franchise opened a bakery in Beverly Hills; however, it didn’t open its first cupcake ATM until 2012. 

They now provide sweet snacks for dogs on their menu. 

A sugar-free variant of buttermilk, egg whites, and sugar-based cupcake is also available. Yogurt icing is used to top these tiny cupcakes.


You can now locate Sprinkles stores from sea to shining sea. Sprinkles was once a little business riding the huge cupcake craze of the early aughts. 

They became well-known because of their red velvet, banana, and black-and-white cupcake flavors, but the introduction of Pupcakes has led to an unprecedented rise in the demand for sugary treats among many species. 

To prevent you from unintentionally eating a cupcake that is not meant for human consumption, these unique cupcakes are cooked without sugar, smeared with dog-friendly yogurt “frosting,” and garnished with a candied orange bone.


Culver’s, which is well-known for its fresh custard, sells dog treats. You can ask for a small extra treat if you drive through particular areas. A dollop of vanilla ice cream will be included with their milk bone, but only in moderation.

Shake Shack

According to this quote taken directly from their website, Danny Meyer’s fast-casual empire is perhaps the most dog-friendly eatery in America: “Woof! Your adorable four-legged pet will always hold a special place in our hearts. After all, we are born in a park! 

The dog menu at Shake Shack is available everywhere except in stadiums, ballparks, airports, and overseas locations. The latter is not meant for smaller breeds of dogs and contains dairy, sugar, and nut components. Posey, I’m sorry.


There are a few possibilities for your pet friend with this Southwest and Pacific Coast chain. The first one is a pup patty, a burger without salt. Two beef patties and a piece of cheese make up the second, called the Flying Dutchman. You’ll have to fly across the nation to try your dog’s food.

Lazy Dog

A fantastic business strategy is a developing chain that caters particularly to dog owners. 

According to current ASPCA data, statisticians tell me that 44 percent of U.S. homes have dogs, and every single person who owns one of those dogs regularly feeds it food. 

Knowing that’s a lucrative market doesn’t require one to be a covert genius working as an MIT janitor. 

Lazy Dog has several basic rules for having your dog to dinner, and they are as follows: no dogs at the table; no dogs allowed to beg; no dogs allowed to bark; no dogs allowed to bite; no dogs allowed to eat off your plate, and always keep your dog on a leash.

Johnny Rockets 

With its diner design, this franchise emulates the style of the 1950s while showcasing its affection for your company. Your dog will be given a dish of water and a cut-up burger patty by the company.

Consider bringing your dog along the next time you chose to eat dinner somewhere other than your home to strengthen your relationship.

Dairy Queen

They offer a “Pup Cup” for dogs, which is where Warren Buffett gets his favorite shake in America. The treat consists of a cup of vanilla soft serve with a little dog bone on top (your dog should never consume chocolate).

Consider bringing your dog along the next time you chose to eat dinner somewhere other than your home to strengthen your relationship.

Again, these treats have added calories that could result in gaining weight, as well as fat or sugar that may not be healthy for your dog if he already struggles with obesity or diabetes, has a history of dairy intolerance, or is prone to gastrointestinal problems and pancreatitis. 

All food items must be savored in proportion; even a lick should be plenty. 

As a result, apply common sense, consult your veterinarian when in doubt, and keep this in mind