Restaurant Retail Gift Card

Companies are becoming aware that customers and employees need more than just quality of products and working environment respectively to remain satisfied. While marketing and sales efforts aim to boost sales, the after-sales services and extra offerings promote the buying cycle from the customer side. Similarly, employees can enjoy work-life balance along with attractive remuneration, but their loyalty always requires something more. The answer to both these scenarios is the endeavor of companies to offer gifts and embark on the journey to establish their reputation as responsible organizations. 

A Restaurant retail gift card is one way to show that a company cares for its customers or employees. These cards give their users the freedom to go and enjoy meals of their choice instead of just one fixed product-related perk or offer that many companies once focused on. It is now time that the companies should realize that the era of one plus one promotional campaign is over, and the people need something to feel special. The restaurant gift card holder may utilize the card on multiple occasions or once completely with or without loved ones. Restaurant gift cards often contain offers for special events like birthdays, and the user may conduct an event to impress others at reduced or absolutely no cost. Such instances impart a sense of loyalty in the hearts of the card users towards the company that has presented them with the restaurant gift cards.


The cards are not perishable, and they can be used anytime during the validity period. Therefore, the card holders are free of expiration anxiety which is common in perishable items like foods

Companies enjoy latent branding by presenting these cards to employees or customers. This means that goodwill no longer requires television channels and newspapers to portray care initiatives. Customers and employees know that the company cares as they enjoy the benefits of restaurant gift cards

When the news reaches other customers about the company offering gifts and perks apart from products or services, they get attracted so the gift cards also attract new customers

Restaurants can always upsell when they observe gift cards being presented to them. In that way, the cardholder and the restaurant can both benefit from one card

Disadvantages Of Restaurant Retail Gift Cards

Some cardholders don’t read the instructions for redeeming the gift cards and end up embarrassing themselves when they present the gift cards at the restaurant. Many gift cards are valid only at some branches of the same restaurant or on some specific days the observance of which can lead to rejection Upselling from the restaurant can become expensive for the cardholder if the balance on the gift card has been exhausted already Eating more can become addictive and some offers lure the cardholder to visit eateries more so this can become unhealthy

A small balance remaining in restaurant cards may never be redeemed by users so it becomes redundant, and the cardholder may never avail the total benefit potential of the gift card

Restaurant retail gift cards are a great way to perform customer and employer branding. They benefit the card holders by reducing the burden on their pockets when they want to enjoy eating or fine dining with or without family. They promote goodwill and help the company grow business or quality human capital without excessive advertising. There are certain pros and cons of these restaurant gift cards and the holders can avoid inconvenience if they are aware of those pros and cons. For example, like credit cards, restaurant gift cards can cause overspending. On the other hand, restaurant retail gift cards provide great savings for food-lovers who spend sizable portions of their incomes on dining out.

Q1: Can the restaurant retail cards be used on Point Of Sale (POS) machines?

Answer: It depends upon the type of card issued to the cardholder. If the issuing company has customized the card such that it is compatible with a POS machine, then the facility can be availed.

Q2: What can be done if the gift card is not accepted by the restaurant?

Answer: Normally the back side of gift cards contains information about the gift card company. That contact information can be used for any complaints and possible resolution. It is better to check with the restaurant administration about the possibility of redeeming the gift card before ordering to avoid inconvenience.

Q3: If the card is lost, can it be redeemed by anybody who shall gain a hold of it?

Answer: Like a debit card, gift card companies often provide a code or password so that it cannot be redeemed by any random person. Therefore, most of these cards are secure.