With familiar Commanders such as Spyglass and Sarahhttp://opka.io/, deploy your team of Pilots and Titans while strategically outmaneuvering opponents in real time PvP fights. Players will be able to play burn cards, summon Titans, and experience a more fleshed out Titanfall universe. Frontline brings innovation to the table by transforming the qualities that made the franchise famous and injects them into a mobile card game. 

With the option to collect and upgrade hundreds of Pilots, players will find themselves playing Frontline for hours. Burn cards will give Commanders the upper hand as they vie for the control of the Frontline, making it simpler to construct the ultimate team.

Pilots and Titans can be combined to deal even more damage, but Titans can also be placed on auto-pilot to provide cover for Pilots on the offensive. With over 100 combinations of cards at the players disposal, combat can be extremely personalized giving Commanders every opportunity to defeat their rivals!