Valkyrie, also known as Viper as a child, is shown to be connected Kubin Blisk through her father. 

The lore trailer also seems to confirm what we’ve been hearing of late regarding more of Titanfall being added into Apex Legends. Though the video doesn’t confirm any connections outright, it does imply that Valkyrie could potentially be the first Legend we see with the ability to call on a Titan, something that could greatly affect Apex Legends’ gameplay. 

Either way, we’ll have to wait and see, as we should expect more official news to be just around the corner. May 4 is when Season 9 of Apex Legends will launch, and it will also bring the Bockek Bow into the fray. 

For more on Apex Legends and what’s to come with Season 9, check out what changes are being made for the new season here. 

Respawn Announces New Legend Valkyrie for Apex Legends   Apex Legends - 72