Residential proxies also allow you to select a specific location (mobile carrier, city, or country) and browse the internet as an actual user in the location you set. Some people describe residential proxies as middlemen that safeguard their users from the general web traffic. They hide the real IP address and function as a buffer alongside. 

Search requests are directed to the proxy server through the proxy IP and finally to the resource server. Following this route, the user’s activity is hidden and so does their identity.

How Does a Residential Proxy Work?

Residential proxies essentially direct users’ internet traffic through a different server that serves as an intermediary. The proxy server appoints the users a different IP address through which all the users’ channel requests are channeled.

It is important to realize that the alternative IP address given belongs to a different device somewhere. So, when the user makes a search request, it is transferred to the resource server through the residential proxy. Using this method, the user’s actual IP address is hidden and the websites you visit are deceived to believe you are doing your activities as any other user would do theirs from their real location.

A proper residential proxy gives the option of choosing specific locations (countries or cities) depending on the type of residential proxy provider. Note that all the websites you visit are meant to be HTTPS encrypted. If not, you stand a risk of being exposed. 

Uses of a Residential Proxy.

Residential proxies are more genuine and trustworthy when compared to other categories of proxies we have today. Below are some of the advantages of using a residential proxy:

Ad verification: Residential proxies are popularly known for checking and verifying displayed ads on the web pages allowing you to recognize and block suspicious ads. It is necessary to be using a very good and easy-to-use residential proxy provider for accurate ad tracking, media monitoring, and content compliance.

Web Scrapping: Succeeding in internet marketing has gone far beyond making posts on social media and promoting them. It’s necessary to study your competitors and know their ways too. This is only possible through web scrapping. Using residential proxies for web scrapping is only possible if the users are permitted to continuously change the IPs.

Market Price Monitoring: Complying and monitoring the market pricing trends can help a user who manages businesses to keep their customers coming. You don’t want your price to be too high to prevent making customers avoid you by naturally going for cheaper options, nor do you want your prices to be too low to prevent them from doubting the value of your services. With good residential proxies, users can leverage sales intelligence tools to give you timely market updates. Ensure that you properly analyze the data acquired by your sales intelligence software for you to enjoy its full functionality.

Internet Marketing: website owners are always looking for means to be in front of their competitors. In this type of competitive and comprehensive platform, the greatest way to outgrow your competitor is to study them. Capitalize on the advantage you have by using a good residential proxy to boost your marketing potential.

Choosing the Best Residential Proxy

To choose the best residential proxy for you, there are certain factors you have to consider. They include:

Compatibility with automation tools: Depending on the reason why you’re using a residential proxy, imagine a user whose aim is to capitalize on internet marketing. You have to go for options that have automation tools to make internet marketing easier for you. Site unlocking: Certain websites restrict access to primary visitors from a particular location. Residential proxies make it easy for you to visit these websites even if you’re in a location that is restricted by the website. You have to be careful as some residential proxy providers could have blocked IPs.

Budget: Your financial plans and capabilities are equally important. Oftentimes, residential proxies are expensive. Regardless, you can always find a fair enough price if you compare between providers.

How can I choose the best residential proxy?

This is quite simple. Choose some reliable sellers, consider their prices, compare their user reviews and take a look at each of their dashboards.

How can I enjoy the free trial of residential proxies?

All you have to do is to compile a list of residential proxies and check how long each of them is offering their free trial. Some could be up to 14 days while others could be 7 days. Some offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.