The original Resident Evil Zero was a 2002 Gamecube exclusive. Resident Evil Zero is a prequel to the first Resident Evil game that focuses on Rebecca Chambers, a police officer, and Billy Coen, a prisoner on Death Row, who work together to fight a bacteria that eventually evolves into the infamous T-Virus of the RE series.

One unique characteristic of the original RE: 0 was the “partner zapping” system, which allowed players to swap between the two characters, split them up when necessary to cover more ground while exploring, or “use their unique abilities in order to solve puzzles”. Capcom has confirmed that this system will be present in its original form in the HD remake.

Clearly this is a continuation of the HD remake process that began with  Resident Evil HD, which has sold more than 1 million units worldwide. It is likely that RE HD’s high level of digital downloads will have RE: 0 HD released in the West at a later date.

At a company financial briefing last week, Capcom revealed plans to publish more HD remasters of its older games. It appears that Capcom has a lot of big plans for some of their older and beloved creations.

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Resident Zero Remake in the Works    Resident Evil 0 - 25Resident Zero Remake in the Works    Resident Evil 0 - 38Resident Zero Remake in the Works    Resident Evil 0 - 11