This Resident Evil Village treasure guide will explain what the treasure you find in Village can do for you and how you need to be using it. 

What is Resident Evil Village Treasure

Treasure is essentially any item you can pick up that could potentially be of great value to the game’s merchant, The Duke. 

The Duke’s own shop explains that he “will purchase oddities and rarities for a fair price.” So anything that is marked in your inventory as valuable potentially has a fair bit of value to The Duke.

This could include items like the wooden angel statue, a silver ring, or a crystal skull or a crystal torso. Items like these and other bits of treasure will automatically be sorted into the treasure section of your inventory, so if you’re ever unsure if you just found something you could sell, it’s best to check there before running to The Duke. 

How to Use Treasure in Resident Evil Village

Finding Resident Evil Village treasure is as simple as picking things up off the ground or digging around every corner of each room for a drawer or hidden compartment. Using treasure is just as simple, though there can be a strategy in how you use your treasure. 

You can sell your shiny collectibles to The Duke, wherever you may find him. When opening up his emporium shop, you’ll find three main sections from which to choose, either supplies, gunsmithy, or The Duke’s purse. 

The Duke’s purse is where you can sell items and treasure in your inventory, and it is greatly encouraged that you do so. A quick gander at the prices for The Duke’s wares, and you’ll notice that Ethan will be constantly coming up short without selling some of the collectibles you find along the way. 

Selling treasure is therefore key to being able to access weapon upgrades, different crafting recipes, and other major upgrades to help you survive. Crystal items are especially valuable and can bring in a fair bit of coin by parting with multiples at a time.

To be clear, however, there are some items like the silver ring shown above that could potentially be combined with another item, should you find its match. The ring is still listed as treasure, so it is very unlikely you will be unable to complete a major puzzle or something of that nature without it, but just keep an eye out for items like it that could potentially have some value beyond money. 

That’s what you need to know about Resident Evil Village treasure. We’ll update this guide if anything changes as more discoveries about the game are made, but for now, consider checking out some of our other tips articles, like the five bells guide or the abandoned stone statue guide. 

Resident Evil Village Treasure Explained   Resident Evil Village  Resident Evil 8  - 23Resident Evil Village Treasure Explained   Resident Evil Village  Resident Evil 8  - 89Resident Evil Village Treasure Explained   Resident Evil Village  Resident Evil 8  - 44