CAPCOM released Resident Evil Village in 2021 as a survival horror video game that’s a sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Players are satisfied with this title as a survival horror first-person that offers stunning graphics, excellent storytelling, and a gaming experience. Now, if you’re one of the Resident Evil Village players and looking for the save file location to keep it as a backup or want to restore to a previous checkpoint then you can check this guide.

It’s needless to say that Resident Evil Village (RE8) is one of the overwhelmingly positive-rated video games in most of the gaming platforms where it’s available. It includes interesting gameplay with puzzles, scary scenarios, and characters to continue the journey. Additionally, it does have the save game progress point which looks like a typewriter. While auto-save progress can be found in the typewriter icon at the bottom of the screen during gaming.

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Resident Evil Village Save File Location for PC and Console

So, the typewriter icon shows all the current in-game progress that has been saved automatically. But in some cases, you may need to manually save the game progress for any specific checkpoint or scenario just prior to the massive attack. As you can keep the backup of the Resident Evil Village game progress file, you should go to the save file location first. Here we’ve shared the details to get the save file location on PC and consoles.

For PC:

Resident Evil Village Save files are basically located in the installed Steam folder on the PC, by default. To access the saved file, you can follow the steps below.

  • Go to the C: drive on the PC where you’ve installed Steam. [The location or the drive can be different for you]
  • So, just go Program Files (x86) > Open the Steam folder.
  • Open User Date > Select 1196590 > Go to Remote.
  • Select win64_save and copy it as a backup. [This is the default location of REV save game files]

To be precise, the location should be like this – C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata(user-id)\1196590\remote\win64_save.

Please Note: Do keep in mind that the User ID can be different for your PC. So, just proceed with your User ID whatever is shown.

For PS4/PS5:

  • Go to the PlayStation Settings menu > Select Application Saved Data Management.
  • Head over to SAVED DATA IN SYSTEM STORAGE > Select Resident Evil Village.

For Xbox One:

  • Go to the My Games and Apps section > Select Resident Evil Village.
  • Select Menu > Head over to Manage Game > Choose SAVED DATA.

For Xbox Series X|S:

  • Go to My Games and Apps > Select Resident Evil Village.
  • Choose Menu > Select Manage Game and add-ons > Choose SAVED DATA.

Where to find the Resident Evil Village config file?

If you’re one of the Resident Evil Village players to modify the game settings, difficulty level, graphic options, etc then you can tweak the REV config file. The game configuration file is one of the easiest ways to adjust the game settings, options, or features on the PC. You can find out the Resident Evil Village config file via steamapps/common/Resident Evil Village folder. This is how you can find the Resident Evil Village configuration file as well as the save file location.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.