Completing certain tasks in Resident Evil Village will not only give you your standard gamerscore or trophy, but they will also reward you with in-game Challenge Points through the challenge system. These points can be exchanged for weapon upgrades in the Extra Content Shop after your first playthrough. They’re the only legitimate way to get unlimited ammo, for example.

This Resident Evil Village guide will tell you how to complete Lucky Number 7 and get the Lucky Number 7 achievement (45) and trophy (bronze). 

How to Unlock Lucky Number 7 in Resident Evil Village

By far, the easiest way to go about this challenge is on a New Game+ save. This trick should allow you to salvage your wealth, no matter what it is, and convert it into all sevens.

If you’d like to go for this challenge without actually losing any Lei, you can use the same save trick as the infinite ammo glitch. You’re going to be trading away a lot of your Lei here, so that may be in your best interest if you want to cut down on the number of playthroughs you’ll have to do.

Before loading up your save, make sure you have the WCX purchased from the Extra Content Shop. This will set you back 30,000 Challenge Points, but as you need to beat the game to unlock the Extra Content Shop anyway, you should have plenty to spend. If not, try your hand at a few other challenges to rack up some points before coming back to this one, as it may be unnecessarily difficult without the WCX.

With the weapon purchased, boot up your save and hightail it to Duke’s Emporium, where you’re going to purchase the WCX for 200 Lei, as well as the recipe for rifle ammo for 10,000 Lei. Both are available under the “Supplies” section.

Crafting rifle ammo requires 1x Metal scrap; 1x Rusted Scrap; 1x Chem Fluid. Doing so gives you 20 ammunition, each of which can be sold to the Duke for 7 Lei under “The Duke’s Purse” section.

Go ahead and sell one bullet to Duke. This should make your last digit a seven if it currently ends in zero. If it currently ends in five, it will instead end in two, which is fine as well.

Now sell handgun ammunition. Each bullet sells for 15 Lei, so if your current wealth ends in seven, make sure to sell an even number of shots. If it ends in two, sell an odd number of shots.

The objective here is to make your second to last digit a seven or a two. Sell enough handgun ammunition such that that happens, and in the end, you should have a final two digits of either “27” or “77”. At this point, you can move on to setting up the third-last digit.

Setting up the hundreds digit is accomplished by now purchasing handgun ammunition for 150 Lei each. Just like when you were setting up the previous digit, be sure to make an even number of purchases if your 10s digit is a seven, or an odd number of purchases if it’s a two.

This time around, you’re going to want to make sure your last three digits are all sevens. You don’t want to see a two in your hundreds place. Once you see that triple seven, it’s time for the final push.

The final step is to make 1,000 Lei and 10,000 Lei purchases to force the final digits to sevens. Remember that it doesn’t matter whether you go for 777, 7,777, or 77,777, so there are a few options here as to how many sales you can make.

But the quickest is to just buy down to the value you’re closest to. Buy sniper rifle ammunition for 1,000 Lei a piece, or magnum ammunition for 10,000 Lei, until you’ve sold down to the nearest all-sevens number.

Once that is done, you’ve complete the Resident Evil Village Lucky Number 7 challenge. You will pocket yourself 14,000 Challenge Points and unlock your achievement or trophy. For more on Resident Evil 8, consider heading over to our tips and tricks hub. 

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