Unlocking infinite ammo is quite expensive, however. Earning enough Resident Evil Village Challenge Points to unlock unlimited ammo for all of your guns can be a pretty serious grind. Luckily, there is a cheat/glitch that allows you to get around this.

This Resident Evil Village guide will go over how to get infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village without having to accrue all of the necessary Challenge Points. 

How to Unlock Infinite Ammo for All Resident Evil Village Weapons

To get infinite ammo for all of your weapons, you will first need to gather enough Challenge Points to legitimately purchase it for one weapon. It doesn’t matter which one.

The first step is unlocking the Extra Content Shop, accessible in the main menu under “Bonuses” after beating Resident Evil Village at least once. The next step is fully upgrading the weapon you are looking to purchase infinite ammo for by spending Lei at Duke’s Emporium, as well as purchasing all of its attachments.

Upgrades are done in the “Gunsmithy” section of the emporium, while attachments are purchased from the “Supplies” section. It is only after your gun is fully upgraded that unlimited ammo becomes available for that weapon in the Extra Content Shop in the main menu. 

Infinite ammo can be purchased with Challenge Points, which are earned by completing challenges throughout Resident Evil Village, such as defeating a set number of enemies in the story or finding collectibles.

How to Use the Infinite Ammo Glitch

When you fully upgrade a weapon on one of your save files — again, any weapon — the Extra Content Shop automatically makes the unlimited ammo upgrade available for purchase, even if you exit without saving. Because of this, you can upgrade your weapon and quit to the menu without saving, thus getting all of your Lei back (you will still be able to purchase the infinite ammo). 

The most expensive weapon to fully upgrade is the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum, costing 2.1 million Lei to upgrade from start to finish, including all of its attachments. Lei is earned by killing enemies, selling items and treasures to the Duke, and finding it lying around. Before using the glitch for all weapons, make sure you have enough Lei to upgrade this particular magnum if you’re going for other trophies and achievements, such as the one for speedrunning the game. 

For the cheat to work, create a save near Duke’s Emporium before making any sales or purchases. This is where you reload after each infinite ammo upgrade is purchased. If you are short on Lei for the magnum, you can sell every other gun you have to easily get the 2.1 million Lei required.

Remember, you will be exiting without saving, so you will get all of these guns back when you reload the save. You can then repeat this same process once for each other weapon.

Doing this only unlocks the unlimited ammo upgrade for that weapon in the Extra Content Shop, but you will still have to purchase it with Challenge Points.

When you purchase the infinite ammo upgrade, it will apply to that weapon across all of your saves, even though your weapons are not fully upgraded. This means that you can use your now infinitely stocked firearms to more easily earn any more Challenge Points you may need, though having done one playthrough, you should have more than enough to cover the costs for some of the best firearms at least.

And that’s how to get Resident Evil Village infinite ammo both legitimately and with a small workaround if you’d rather not play through the game multiple times. Once all is said and done, you will never need to worry about your ammo count again. For more on Resi 8, consider checking out our other tips and tricks guides for the latest in the survival horror series. 

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