He first appears near the very start of the story, during the first Lycan attack, then again as a mini-boss in the Stronghold later in the game. Whether you’re looking for tips on beating him there, or for guidance on defeating him early for the “Timber” achievement and trophy, this Resident Evil Village guide has the answers.

How to Defeat Urias in the Stronghold

If this is your first playthrough of Resident Evil Village, then your first meeting with Urias in the opening minutes of the game will likely not be your last. You’re only given a few minutes to defeat him when tasked to “survive the attack” in the village, while simultaneously fighting off a Lycan horde.

You will have neither ample time nor ammunition to realistically take him down in your first playthrough. But with weapon upgrades in your New Game+ run, it will be much more doable.

His second appearance comes in the Stronghold. You won’t be short on time, but you will be short on space. Urias’ attacks consist of downward hammer smashes, horizontal spinning hammer attacks, and occasionally ripping up stone pillars from the ground and throwing them at you.

You’re want to keep a respectable distance to avoid his hammer, but don’t stray too far away. If he gets out of your line of sight, he can jump up to the middle platform and perform an unblockable attack, and you don’t want that.

Damage him is during his downward smashes. Approach him to trigger these attacks, then quickly back away so you don’t get whacked. Once his hammer meets the ground, he will be stuck for a few seconds. Take this opportunity to pump him full of shotgun lead.

When he winds up for a horizontal swing, play defensive. Back away quickly and block as he will be spinning around a few times and can land some pretty devastating attacks. 

The easiest attacks to dodge are his pillar throws. Simply stand behind another pillar or around a corner to avoid being hit. The pillars will be sideways when thrown, so you can stand slightly off to the side of another pillar and still be alright. By doing so, you can sneak some extra attacks in.

Even though you aren’t on a time limit this time around, you should still make haste in taking him down, as Urias will continue to summon Lycans as long as he’s alive. You should never not be shooting at him. If he’s at a distance, use your F2 Rifle if you’ve got one. If not, get closer and use your best small arms. Keep firing, and more importantly, keep dodging. You should be able to take down the big man in just a few minutes.

How to Defeat Urias Early During “Survive the Attack”

If you’re chasing the Timber achievement or trophy, or just looking to rack up Challenge Points, you need to kill Urias when he first appears.

With New Game+ and a few weapon upgrades, this should be no problem. To make this as easy as possible, you’re going to need the GM79 Grenade Launcher. After beating the game, you will unlock the Extra Content Shop, which can be accessed under “Bonuses” in the main menu. Here, you can purchase infinite grenade launcher ammo for 80,000 Challenge Points. 

With infinite ammo for your GM79, you’re borderline unstoppable. Make sure infinite ammo is enabled in the game settings, then load up your second save to make your stand against Urias in the initial Lycan attack. If you’re just going for the achievement or trophy, set the difficulty to casual to save yourself some trouble.

All you have to do is stay on him. Give him everything you’ve got, and you should be able to take him down with ease. On casual difficulty, you should need no more than 15 grenades to bring him crashing down, earning your achievement or trophy.

Now you know how to beat Urias in Resident Evil Village each time you face him. For more on Resi 8, consider checking out our other help articles for Capcom’s latest. 

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