The franchise has appeared in just about every form aside from a TV show, so when can fans expect to see the upcoming Resident Evil Netflix series? Since the original Resident Evil game was released on the PlayStation 1 in 1996, the series has evolved in fascinating - and odd -ways. It was resolutely survival horror until the arrival of Resident Evil 4, which introduced far more action. It’s gone back and form between the genres over the years, while spinoffs like Resident Evil: Gaiden, Operation: Raccoon City and Dead Aim have experimented with different playstyles.

It also spawned a series of movies, starting with 2002’s Resident Evil. Milla Jovovich starred in all six films, and while they were never critical favorites, it became the most successful movie franchise based on a video game. From games to movies and anime to energy drinks, there’s very little the Resident Evil brand hasn’t put its name on. That’s aside from a TV series, which is set to change thanks to a January 2019 announcement that a live-action Resident Evil show was coming to Netflix.

The Resident Evil Netflix series is still something of a mystery, so here’s what we know about it so far.

It’s Not The First Resident Evil Show That Was Pitched

The Resident Evil Netflix series wouldn’t be the first time a pitch for a potential show was put together. In 2014 a show called Arklay was announced, which would have been a prequel following the initial “cannibal” murder investigation around Raccoon City. It appears neither Capcom nor Sony had any involvement with Arklay, however, and it all but disappeared after it was announced.

In 2017 Shawn Lebert put footage from Arklay online, but renamed it DAVE and removed any references to Resident Evil. The story of the series would have followed a detective named Reinhardt investigating his brother’s death, and at one point he would have been infected by the T-Virus himself.

The Resident Evil Netflix Series Doesn’t Have A Release Date

Fans could be waiting a little while as the Resident Evil Netflix series doesn’t have a set release date or cast. The original announcement made it sound like the show will deal with the inner workings of the evil Umbrella Corporation and that the T-Virus would leak out into the world. It’s also unknown if it will have any direct ties to the games or movies.

While the lack of movement on the Resident Evil Netflix series could be a little worrying, with the success of video game-based shows like The Witcher or Castlevania for the streaming platform, the odds of it happening are very strong.

A Resident Evil Movie Reboot Is Being Developed

Resident Evil fans have a very mixed relationship with the Milla Jovovich movies, but they were hugely successful. That’s why a Resident Evil movie reboot is in development, with Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) currently attached as director. Roberts has claimed his movie will go back to the survival horror roots of the original games, but it’s unknown how - or if - the movie or Resident Evil Netflix show will link to one another.

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