Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield just can’t keep away from Umbrella Corp, it seems. This time around it seems the duo will be unraveling a conspiracy going up to the very top.

Claire leverages her international contacts to find proof of a bioterrorist conspiracy and link it to the Raccoon City incident. And thus, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness adds a new thread to the Resident Evil timeline.

The series follows both heroes separately, but they unite at least in time for Leon to save Claire from a radioactive death.

Ada Wong, infected pigs, and the U.S. president all make an appearance as well. Infinite Darkness takes place shortly after Resident Evil 4, and while we don’t see any sign of Ashley Graham yet, it’s always possible she’s hiding offscreen in a box or something somewhere.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness premiers July 8 on Netflix. Capcom has more Resident Evil feature spinoffs in store for the coming years, including a film about the Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City’s last days.

Resident Evil: Village was recently released to much critical acclaim, check out our review of this new title right here.

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