The information comes from YouTuber Residence of Evil. Normally, rumors like this don’t get much consideration as “news,” since anyone can post a video claiming their uncle at, er… Capcom told them about Resident Evil or Devil May Cry. But these rumors received Eurogamer endorsement as well, with editor Tom Phillips claiming the information fits with what their (usually very reliable) sources say.

The juiciest bits of info are that Resident Evil 8 would act as a continuation of Resident Evil 7, carrying on with Ethan’s tale and a first-person perspective. Chris Redfield is reportedly making a return as a primary character as well, which fits if RE8 actually continues where RE7 left off. At least part of the setting is a castle and village, with werewolves and zombies. The zombie part might sound a bit “duh,” but keep in mind RE7 didn’t quite go the usual zombie route.

Finally, there’s supposedly a female spirit of some kind acting as a sort of alternate Nemesis, chasing Ethan at various points in the story. Whether Velma and Shaggy jump in to save the day, we don’t know.

Though the Resident Evil 3 remake is just around the corner, it isn’t farfetched Capcom is also working on RE8. After all, new and classic Resident Evil are more closely connected than one might think.

Whatever it turns out to be, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Resident Evil 8 news as it manifests.

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