The demo features multiple endings and paths that the player can take. A famous YouTube personality, Maximilian Dood, tweeted that he spoke to developers and they said that there are endings that have not been found yet, and there actually is a purpose for the dreaded dummy finger.

That comment sparked a fury among players, and the Resident Evil Reddit page, as they scoured every inch of the playable space to find the “true ending”.

Players experimented and tinkered with an insane amount of the game including:

Interacted with each prop available Spoke audible cues into their microphones Hacked every inch of the house with the axe Played through parts countless times Made diagrams of the playable space Tried to manipulate the touch-pad on the PlayStation 4 controller Edited the date/time in the console settings to correlate to numbers shown in cut scenes

All of this effort has yet to provide the “true ending” that everyone has sought for, and some have given up hope at finding the holy grail. The search continues, maybe one day we will find the purpose behind the dreaded finger!