Resident Evil 7 predictably includes a fair share of collectibles and hidden secret items to make the game a bit easier - like three treasure photos that lead to helpful items. These photos are super easy to miss as they don’t appear on your HUD until you are right on top of them.

Sadly, you can’t just go straight to the treasures and bypass the photos. Simply going to the treasure locations doesn’t work, as the hidden upgrades won’t become active and Ethan can’t actually pick them up until the photo is in your possession.

Resident Evil 7 Toilet Photo

Outside the Old House 1F area (when approaching from the trailer) look for a set of metal stairs with a vine trellis. The photo is just to your left before you start climbing the stairs.

The photo showcases (what else?) a toilet next to an ashtray seriously in need of cleaning out. Why on earth did someone take this photo? There’s something weird about the fact that you are now officially looking at a “toilet treasure” photo…

Toilet Treasure Awaits!

To get the treasure revealed by this photo, go back to the area marked as the Yard on your map and head to Zoe’s trailer. While there’s a toilet sitting outside in the grass (of course there is – this is hillbilly land!) that’s not the particular disgusting toilet you are looking for.

Go inside the trailer and inspect the toilet seen in the photo (on the left side of the trailer) to snag yourself some 44 Mag ammo.

Yeah, I’m not grabbing that.

Resident Evil 7 Fireplace Photo

For this photo, first you need to travel down to the basement. If you haven’t unlocked this area yet, you need to pull the plug in the bathtub to get the wooden statuette, and then use the statuette on the empty pedestal in the room with the dog painting.

For full instructions on finding and using the statuette, head over here. The photo is found in the meat processing room (the same area where the scorpion key is found) on the metal shelf across from the table. The photo is on the second shelf from the top.

 Fireplace Photo Location

If the name didn’t tip you off, the photo clearly shows a fireplace from the first floor of the house. Head back upstairs and walk into the drawing room through the main hall.

The fireplace is in this room next to a blue chair – just examine the loose piece of stone near the top of the fireplace to grab steroids that give you a permanent health boost.

Hidden steroids in an evil hillbilly home - what could go wrong?

Resident Evil 7 Cage Photo

In order to find this photo and treasure you first need to have already acquired the snake key (see our guide here). Go upstairs from the main hall and unlock the snake door to access the master bedroom area.

Walk through the master bedroom’s door into the side storage area. The cage treasure photo is immediately to your left sitting on a red stool in the corner.

 Cage Photo Location

Head over to the third house (near the yard trailer) segment of the map and find the section of rooms marked as Testing Area 2F. Walk through the sections with the plastic covered walls and wire traps until you reach the fourth room.

In the corner is a large cage with a mannequin head sitting on top. Interact with the head to push it to the side and then grab the treasure hidden underneath: a nifty new repair kit.

Repair Kit Treasure Location

Remember that broken shotgun you have to use to get the working shotgun? You can use the repair kit to upgrade the original broken shotgun instead, which creates an even more powerful gun than the normal shotgun you would have traded it in for!

Let us know if you’ve found any other hidden Resident Evil 7 treasure, and stay tuned for more guides coming soon!