Now, viewers have noticed that the teasers aren’t really showing anything based on the story of the game (except for Immortal as just a theory), but showcases how the game mechanics work, such as inventory, storage and saving, while also giving us some hints on the other mechanics such as possible combat and a possible new note system.

Now, as these teasers are released, we are coming closer to something much bigger being released. A possible trailer, an update to the demo, or even an early release for Resident Evil 7, though it seems like we could be getting the final update and trailer for the game.

Vol. 5 Survival

This teaser shows us the healing system, and what we could use to heal ourselves against the Bakers. We are shown a open locker which contains a box of shotgun shells and a green herb, which the player combines with a “chem fluid” item to create a “first aid med”, an item that you pour over your hand to heal you (possibly just having it on your skin could give you the healing you need).

Now this is different from the other Resident Evil entries, since originally you could just use the herb or mix it with other herbs to create something stronger to help heal you. It appears that Capcom is making the Resident Evil 7 inventory more realistic, with having the healing system a bit more complex than just eating an herb to gain health.

Plus, another thing about a realistic inventory is the limited space you have in your inventory, along with having some items taking more than one space bar, such as the shotgun you see in the inventory.

Something else that caught my attention is the quest bar in the upper left of the screen, giving you hints of what you must do to continue on. Collecting three dog heads is the only thing that we can see so far, and it does seem really unsettling, while also interesting for new puzzles.

Vol. 6 Immortal

The beginning of this teaser shows us that while it is possible to harm the Bakers, there is really no way to actually kill them. It also shows us what the combat system looks like. This teaser also shows what appears to be Jack Baker, the father of the family, after the main character shirtless. Could this be after the incident with the burning car in the Tape-2 trailer?

And while Ethan manages to gun down Jack, it takes him time until he manages to stand up once more. This could mean that you could disable the enemies in order to run away from them. This could be handy if you were to try and perform a puzzle, but were encountered by one of the Bakers.

Jack also says something when he starts getting up: “Oh, no, no, no… Now you’re gonna get it.”

This could mean two things. One, he could just be angry for being disabled and will continue his hunt for Ethan, or two, he could become more powerful each time he is down. Jack appears to be strong enough to break down a wall in order to get through, but could his strength be possessed by anger?

Theories on Date and Story

At the end of each teaser, this shot is shown by marking off each teaser as a Vol., meaning that we still have four Vol. teasers left until the big reveal. Like stated before, the big reveal could be multiple things, such as a new trailer, a new update, or as some are saying, the new release date for Resident Evil 7.

It is more likely we are to get a new trailer and update to the demo, Beginning Hour, rather than an earlier release for Resident Evil 7. What fans are expecting, is the final Tape trailer, showing the full on story trailer, along with the final update for the demo, finally unlocking of the Basement.

Another theory I had was during the Immortal teaser. It seems like Jack is hunting Ethan for something he had done. Did Ethan hurt Margaret or Lucas Baker, or was it because Ethan wouldn’t eat the food that was forced upon him? No information regarding this has been released, but it seems like Jack is enraged by something Ethan had done, making the story more interesting.

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