Recently, Capcom has been putting up weekly teasers on their Resident Evil YouTube page, giving us glimpses and sneak peeks of what is is coming for the next installment. Thus far, ten teasers have been released that show players how the game works, new mechanics, and even hint to the mysterious nature of the found footage narrative.

During this election day, two more teasers debuted on their YouTube account, which were two very important teasers titled ‘Shadow’ and ‘Aunt Rhody’. 

Vol. 7 - A Closer Look

The beginning of this teaser shows Ethan walking towards a tool box, having the player pick it up and examine it. While, there really isn’t anything important in this teaser, it does showcase the “examine” element from the previous games, but to a more developed degree. 

It seems that as you examine items such as boxes or cases, anything inside of the item makes a rattling sound like something was really being moved. This could help with items you have in your inventory, to see if they contain secrets inside of them.

Vol. 8 - Imagination

This teaser does show us something interesting before it shows the main concept. The location of this teaser was the same Mia was at during the Lantern demo, where Mia is being hunted by Margret Baker. This is interesting, because this could be another section of the Baker house that we don’t know, such as an underground area that was built under the house, or another area far from the house like a swamp.

Another interesting feature in this teaser is the possibility of using different items for puzzles. Now, this could be used for possible secrets or even just trying to find the right item for each puzzle.

Vol. 9 - Shadow

This teaser is one of the better ones in my opinion, since it is both the shortest and the creepiest out of the ones released. There is only one thing in this teaser, and that would be the giant monster Ethan is fighting in the possible basement of the Baker house.

This simple teaser is actually really interesting, since the monster looks oddly familiar with the Tyrant from the original Resident Evil game, mixed with the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4. 

Is it possible that the Baker House was built over the remains of the Spencer Mansion in Arkley Mountains, which is how the Bakers are infected with this virus? The theory keeps expanding with every plot-like teaser, showing that the T-Virus could have been remade somehow, and could make the infected more human.

Vol. 10 - Aunt Rhody

At the beginning of this teaser, we hear the tune that had marked itself into our brains the moment the song “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” was playing in the full trailer for Resident Evil 7. A soft hum as Ethan walks up the stairs from what seems to be the basement, finally revealing “Aunt Rhody”.

Now this teaser is something that isn’t as interesting, but really shows something special. The character that is seen in the wheelchair, is the same character from the second tape trailer. “Aunt Rhody”, as I call her” is silent throughout that trailer, not moving or saying a single word. Then, in this teaser, we hear her humming and slowly looking up at the player.

We don’t know if she will be an enemy, or just apart of the key plot to the story, but it seems like she will be very important to the game in some aspect.

Release Date Shown

For awhile, I have been pondering what the hidden release date could be used for at the end of each teaser. From an update date for the demo, a new trailer, or even an early release for the main game. And finally, we know what the date is for.

Early December, Resident Evil 7 will get one final trailer titled Tape-3. This also means, albeit a stretch, this could involve an update for the game showing a lot more of the house then they have given players access to. 

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