How to get inside the estate?

You will need to walk on the path until you reach the main gate of the estate and you will see it is locked. In the map you can see that there is a path on the left that will lead you on the other side of the estate. After seeing a car and some equipment, you will realize that you are not the first one who tried to explore the place. Inside the car you will find some script for some TV show, and on the back of the script some weird message.

If you move forward you will see a man on the path, and when you round the bend he will be gone. Further movements will lead you to seeing a purse on the left, the purse of Mia who sent you a mysterious email and made you go there. The only path from there will lead you to the Guest House.

Exploring the Guest House

Inside the Guest House, and as you explore the creepy dwelling, the door behind you will be locked. You can move into the first hallway you see by opening the door and then closing it immediately, so nothing follows you. Then you will be lead in a cabinet which is locked with a chain, but you will not have a tool to cut it. You can move to the right into the kitchen where you can inspect a lot of objects like, a sink full of maggots, a fridge full of some stuff, a microwave with a crow inside, and some pot on the table full of something worse. The kitchen has a lot of disgusting objects, so when you move to the hallway you will see a drawer that is full of something. Next are the stairs that lead to the 2nd floor where you will find a Tape Recorder. You will need to return to the 1st floor. You will see a door under the stairs and another one to the right side that leads to the Living Room. On the table you can find a photo and behind you a fuse box, and marked area that stairs are missing.

The Derelict House Footage

You can place the VHS into the player and see the ghosts that were there before you. You can see this from the point view of a cameraman and you can even control it.

Explore the Basement

You can explore the basement as well by using a ladder to go inside it. The ladder will break, so you will remain stuck there. You will have to move to the next corridor in a small passage and on the other side you will see remains of bodies. In the next room you will see a cell where your wife Mia is, but the door is chained. You can grab the files from the table and break the chains and meet your wife.

Places of the Guest House

Yard 2F Main House – kid’s room 2F Main House – Master bedroom Old House – outside B1 Main House With the Guest House outside

 Image Credit: Game Period.