End Of Zoe has you going toe to toe with swamp monsters, primarily using your fists and some good old-fashioned wrastlin’ moves. While that seems ill-advised, luckily there are effigies scattered around the game that raise the power of your fists. These are especially important if you are trying to unlock The Only Guns You Need achievement, which requires that you complete the DLC by only using fist attacks and no spears or shotgun blasts. Below we list the locations of all 18 unlockable effigies.

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 1

The first boxer effigy is found immediately after destroying the first yellow cross door (to break down this door, you first have to kill all the monsters in the area). Directly after breaking the door, turn to your left to see the effigy sitting on a barrel next to a light.

 Effigy #1

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 2

When you set frozen Zoe down on the couch (after escaping the flaming cabin with the boat), go back outside and turn left towards the swamp water. Walk down the watery path until you see a rocky incline leading up.

Don’t go up the incline, but instead turn left again so you are in a big circular area of water. The effigy is located against the wall on a big pile of rocks. The area is out of view from the main path unless you actually walk slightly into the circle of water.

 Effigy #2

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 3

Inside the military base, you will come across some tents and a fenced area. Walk past the fenced section with the two boxes where you first find the wood spears, and go through a door.

Immediately up the stairs past the door is another barrel to your left. The effigy is on top of a pillow on the barrel (just before you jump down the broken floor segment to the lab).

 Effigy #3

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 4

Later in the swamp, there’s a branching path where you can go through another cement door/fence section on your left or walk down a broken wood path on your right.

Turn around at the junction and you should see a bunch of pipes and a small shack. Go inside the shack to find the effigy on the wall next to the save point tape recorder.

Effigy #4

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 5

When you reach the rusty boat, head to the the far southwest section of the Paddle Boat 1F area of the map (when your objective is still to find the medicine from the synthesizer machine).

A side room in this area has a small hatch on the floor that lets you go underneath the room. Crawl through the duct until it turns, at which point the champion effigy will be sitting in the curved section of the corner.

 Effigy #5

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 6

In the room with the ladder leading up to the synthesizer computer (before you get the medicine and fight the mini-boss), look on the metal shelves to the right of the synthesizer. The next effigy is on the lower shelf in-between some propane tanks.

 Effigy #6

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 7

After the swamp creature steals Zoe from the couch, you end up chasing after her into the Quarantine Area 1 section of the map.

At the south end of this area is a house, and in front of that building you can see a wood platform floating in the water. Wade up to the platform to find the next effigy sitting in the center.

 Effigy #7

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 8

At the northwest side of the same Quarantine Area 1 map, look for a path with a door covered by a fence just before a wood bridge. Don’t go through the door or over the bridge, but instead turn left and go into the watery area. The next champion effigy is inside the overturned fridge in the corner.

 Effigy #8

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 9

In the first part of the Quarantine Area 2 map (when you are walking over a rickety wood bridge towards a series of old buildings), look inside the corner of one of the first buildings to find the next boxer effigy.

 Effigy #9

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 10 and 11

Just shortly after the previous effigy (inside the large square segment on the map), there are more buildings and watery swamp areas below. From the catwalk outside a building you should see a raised platform in the water.

Jump down into the water and go around the other side of the platform to climb a yellow ladder and get the 10th and 11th effigies. The 11th is underneath a few wood boards covered in yellow tape just to the side.

 Effigy #10 and #11

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 12

Later in the same Quarantine Area 2 map, you will come across a broken segment of catwalk leading to the next building. Just before the broken section, look down in the corner to get effigy 12.

 Effigy #12

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 13

After grabbing the previous effigy, turn around so you are facing away from the buildings, and jump into the water. Just ahead you can find the next effigy sitting in a tree.

 Effigy #13

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 14

During the same objective to chase after the swamp creature, you will reach the Abandoned Church section of the map (although you won’t have entered the church yet). When you cross a catwalk and go through a yellow cross door, to your left will be an outhouse. Go inside to find this effigy on top of a barrel and to the left of the save recorder.

 Effigy #14

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 15

Near the start of the cemetery you will walk between two stone crypts with a tree in front of you. Immediately turn to your right and look down on the ground to find this effigy on the back side of the crypt.

 Effigy #15

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 16

At the end of the cemetery, just after going through the yellow cross door but before entering the actual church building, take a look at the lamp post on your right to get the next effigy.

 Efffigy #16

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 17

In the living room of the Old House map when you are chasing after Jack, head through the door in the corner to reach another room where there’s a giant hole in the floor. Turn right at the hole to see this effigy hanging on a door covered in metal bars.

 Effigy #17

End Of Zoe Effigy Location 18

For the final effigy, go through the entrance room of the Old House map to find a long wood bridge covered in fencing where a bunch of weird dolls are hanging. The effigy is hidden near the dolls on the fence section to your right.

Effigy 18

Now that you’ve got all 18 End Of Zoe effigies, get ready to punch an evil cannibal hillbilly right in the face (and everywhere else!) in the DLC’s final boss fight.

Special thanks to YouTuber randomChievos for the screenshots. Need help beating any of the enemies or taking on the final boss? Check out our full End Of Zoe DLC walkthrough here.