One of the biggest puzzles that has now been solved is the secret of the Dummy Finger and the Dirty Coin. So, if you’re scratching your head as to what to do with these two objects, then follow our simple guide to find all the answers.

How to Find the Dummy Finger

The Dummy Finger

In the Beginning Hour demo the Dummy Finger never found its purpose, but this time it becomes an essential tool for solving the mystery of the Midnight demo.

You will find the Dummy Finger in the drawer downstairs, right beside the stairs.

Object Made of Celluloid

Now you need to combine this finger with the hand that is weirdly titled as the ‘ Object Made of Celluloid.” Together they will form an investigation tool that will help you locate the Dirty Coin.

You can find the “Object Made of Celluloid” upstairs in the attic thrown into the pile of old TV sets in the room right near the stairs.

Blank Notebook

The final piece of puzzle can be located in the room to the right from the stairs. In the hallway you will see a coffee table with a lamp on top of it. Open the drawer and take the notebook.

It’s blank for now, but as soon as you start investigating the murder, the corresponding records will start appearing on its pages.

How to Find the Dirty Coin

When you have all three items in your inventory, you need to combine the Dummy Finger with the Object Made of Celluloid and turn it into the Dummy’s Left hand. Then, use it to point out certain objects in the house.

First object

The first object is a fallen bookcase right beside the drawer, where you’ve found the Dummy Finger. Use the controls to rotate the Dummy’s Left Hand and point it in the direction of the bookcase. You will immediately hear a peculiar soundbite and the first record will appear in the notebook.

Second object

Go upstairs into the attic and go through the broken wall. Search for the inscription on the wall that says “Five guests murdered…” and you will immediately hear a giggle.

Then, go downstairs into the basement located in the same room where you’ve found the Blank Notebook. You will see dead bodies hanging from the ceiling and a monster will attack you. Stand behind one of the dead bodies and use it to knock out the monster.

Go back upstairs into the attic and find the blocked doors – this should prompt another giggle. When you go back into the basement you will see a dead body wrapped in a plastic bag lying on the table. Point the Dummy’s Left Hand at it and you will hear the sound of a gunshot.

Third object

In the kitchen (left from the stairs) you will find a hatchet in the drawer. Take it and go up the stairs. You will notice a portrait of a person with a hood hanging on the wall. Use your hatchet and attack the portrait – this will activate another giggle.

Then, go to the room under the stairs and point the Dummy’s Left Hand at the blocked door.

Fourth object

Go back upstairs into the attic and look at the ceiling right at the stairs. You should be able to locate a wooden beam with wires hanging on it. Point the Dummy Finger at the beam and you will hear a crumbling sound.

Fifth object

At the back of the house (behind the kitchen) you will find a bolt cutter on the floor. Pick it up and use it to break the chain on the cabinet right beside you. Inside the cabinet you will find a VHS tape. Grab the tape, head back to the VHS room and play the tape.

When you’re done watching the tape, go back down into the basement and find a doll on the floor – this will prompt one final giggle. Return to the kitchen and point the Dummy Finger at the pot of soup that stands on the kitchen table.

Dirty Coin

Lastly, you need to go upstairs into the attic through the broken wall and enter the room with bloody stains on it. Inside the room you will see a chair with an inscription: “You’re the best ever!” Now you can take the Dirty Coin from the chair.

Keep the coin and wait for the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on January 24, 2017. In the main game you will be able to find a birdcage with tons of upgrades. This cage can only be opened with the help of the Dirty Coin.

Note: Some players have reported that this method didn’t work for them. If this is your case, then your version of RE7 demo could be bugged. So just re-install the demo and try again.

If you still can’t get the Dirty Coin at the end of the demo, then follow the video below that shows all the steps mentioned above.