However, if you want to learn about these major story elements, you need to be able to get the true ending of the “Banned Footage Vol. 2” – the Daughters segment. You need to follow a particular set of steps in order to activate the right ending.

This quick guide will show you all those necessary steps.

Enter the Code

The Daughters chapter starts with the father bringing a girl named Mia into the house, while you play as Zoe Baker.

The father wants to put Mia in the Lucas’ room, and his protests are ignored. Don’t lose sight of him, since you need to focus on his mobile phone. He will sit at the table and enter the password – look it up and remember it.

The mother asks you to get new clothes for the girl, so you need to go to the laundry. But first, enter the pantry at the back of the kitchen and search for a lockpick on the bottom of the floor in the corner.

Then, go upstairs into the bathroom (the first door to the right), and use the lockpick on a drawer. You will find a small component inside.

You can now go to the laundry (behind the stairs) and get the fresh clothes for the girl. Head straight to Lucas’ room, where you will find the girl sleeping on a bed. The cutscene will follow.

The lights will go off, so use the lighter to find a trophy at the back of the room. Insert a small component into the trophy, and the ladder will fall down from the ceiling.

Go up the ladder, locate a laptop with a note nearby and read it. Switch to laptop and enter the password – 1019.

Find the Dog Head Relief

Go back downstairs, where you’ll see Lucas lying unconscious on the floor. Then, head upstairs into the bathroom for a cutscene. The father will order you to get a rope from the garage to save you from a possessed mother, so go get it quickly.

When you’re back into the bathroom, the father changes his mind and wants to hurt you, too. Now you need to run into the Recreation Room (on the same floor) and use rope on the door to keep it shut. In the same room there’s another door with a fork on a table – take it.

Get back into the Recreation Room and go up to the window covered with boards splattered with yellow paint and use the fork to unhinge the knives holding one of the boards.

You’ll be on the balcony that leads to a small compartment with a toolbox. Open it up and take the Dog Head Relief.

The True Ending

Get back into the house, and you will hear Zoe telling herself to get out of there. This indicates that the end of the chapter is close.

Beware of mother in the main hall – she will try to prevent you from getting out of the house. Wait until she goes to the opposite side of the stairs and run down to the backdoor. Insert the Dog Head Relief into the backdoor and run out into the backyard.

You will see a trailer standing there – go for it. Inside the trailer you will see a few notes to the Baker Family on the table and a girl lying unconscious on the floor. There is a strange object beside her – pick it up and examine.

When you’re done looking at the thing, turn your back…and the cutscene of the true ending will follow.

You can also see the bad ending, but you need to get yourself caught in the main hall by mother. She will struggle, but still manage to give you the keys from the car in the garage.

However, even if you manage to get to the car, the father will catch you, drag you out of the car and… there’s the bad ending for you.