Capcom’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a return to form for the survival horror giant. Here’s a guide on all the achievements for the Resident Evil 7 DLC, Banned Footage. This entry in the series takes a departure from focusing on combating the Umbrella Corporation, instead now with a smaller scale but an effective plot. Ethan Winters, the main protagonist of Resident Evil 7, aims to find his lost wife after receiving word that she disappeared at an old manor. The entire game takes place in this plantation as Ethan must find his wife and escape the clutches of the Baker family, who of which are out to kill him. The game later released two different DLC packages named “Banned Footage Vol.1” and “Banned Footage Vol. 2”. This guide will help players understand what is required to unlock the achievements of this DLC.

The first Banned Footage DLC released back on January 31st, 2017. This DLC includes two new story quests. The first called “Nightmare” and then “Bedroom”. The next Banned Footage DLC was released on February 17th that year and gave another two new story quests, “21” and “Daughters”. New achievements came along with this DLC. Here’s how to unlock each of these new achievements

All Achievements from Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage Vol. 1

Here are all the achievements of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Banned Footage Vol. 1.

  • Dead by Dawn?: Complete Nightmare Sleepless in Dulvey: Complete Night Terror Like Mama Used To Make: Complete Bedroom Ratcatcher: Find all the dead rats in Bedroom in a single play Ethan Never Dies: Complete Ethan Must Die

Playing through the new story scenarios make these achievements easy to unlock.

All Achievements from Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage Vol. 2

Here are all the achievements of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Banned Footage Vol. 2

  • Eye in the Sky: Complete 21 Card Shark: Complete Survival Mode in 21 You Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em: Complete Survival Mode+ in 21 Butterfly Effect: Get the bad ending in Daughters One Instinct: Survival: Get the true ending in Daughters Don’t Keep the Man Waiting: Clear a stage with a 10 minute time bonus or higher in Jack’s 55th Birthday Miracle Chef: Feed Jack every type of food and drink in Jack’s 55th Birthday Best Birthday Ever: Get an S Rank or higher on all stages in Jack’s 55th Birthday

Playing through the new story scenarios and Jack’s 55th Birthday will unlock each of these organically.

Resident Evil 7 brought the Resident Evil series back into its horror roots. For a while, most of the Resident Evil games functioned like military shooters and strayed away from making the player feel scared and uncomfortable. The Bakers plantation was creepy and unsettling with its design. Behind every corner could be a potential-jump scare and items were once again limited. Every bullet and item counted and brought the survival aspect back to the series. Resident Evil 7 is the true meaning of horror.

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Resident Evil 7 is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One