VGC’s sources say the delay stems from disagreement over the course Resident Evil 4 remake should take. Studio M-Two and Tatsuya Minami reportedly want to remain faithful to the original RE 4, while Capcom’s production team wants flexibility.

Robinson said Capcom envisions a Resident Evil 4 remake that builds on story, mechanics, and even environment from the original, but doesn’t stick to it all the way through. As such, Capcom’s Division 1 team — the team responsible for most Resident Evil games and Devil May Cry — will take a leading role in Resident Evil 4 remake’s production following a soft project reboot.

What that means for the final product naturally remains unknown, since it hasn’t even been officially announced yet. However, VGC’s sources believe the reboot will push RE 4 remake’s release date back to 2023.

Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of Resident Evil goodness to look forward to. Resident Evil Village releases May 7, alongside the all-new multiplayer game RE: Verse.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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