Resident Evil 3 Subway Puzzle

You’ll start this sequence after restoring power at the substation. Nemesis ambushes you, just like in the demo, and you need to make your way toward the fire hydrant. He’ll follow you everywhere you go, including the Drugstore, so you’ll need to stay on your toes until you get to the Subway Offices.

Nemesis won’t actually follow you into the offices, so you won’t be rushed to solve the railway puzzle.

Go to the control room. Grab the shotgun shells from the case next to the console first, lest you forget, and then shoot the Charlie doll under the desk.

Then interact with the console. Your goal is to plot a route from the top left of the screen to the bottom right, avoiding closed or blocked off paths in the process.

To do that, you’ll adjust the various dials on the left. The two letters correspond to streets or area codes (the first two letters of the area), while the numbers correspond with the numbers on the lines; the red crosses represent blocked areas. The trouble is, it’s not easy to see them on the map — hence the need for a guide.

Here’s the train code:

RE — 1 FA — 2 RA —3 SA — 2 FO — 1

Before proceeding with the story, make sure you’re done in the downtown area. You won’t be coming back. The most important things to obtain are the Shotgun (where you found the Bolt Cutters) and the Jewels, so if you don’t have them already, dodge around Nemesis and get them before moving on.

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