The rumors of a Resident Evil 3 Remake were confirmed earlier today thanks to a cover leak that revealed the game ahead of a planned announcement from Capcom that would have likely happened in the near future. Previous rumors of Resident Evil 3 Remake had the game tagged for a release sometime in 2020, which means that it’s fairly far along in development and is likely on track to reveal some actual footage relatively soon.

Capcom is still riding a surging wave of momentum thanks to a 2019 in which the publisher could do little wrong. The company won back several lapsed fans with a slew of quality releases, including Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry 5, the latter of which reinvigorated a flagging franchise. Perhaps no release for Capcom was bigger than Resident Evil 2 Remake, however, a game that many believed to be a genuine game of the year contender despite being an overhaul of a game from two decades ago. The quality of the remake, which rebuilt everything from the environment to the way the gameplay is presented, was praised by consumers who thought it raised the bar for remakes of classic titles.

Now, Capcom will have to be the company that meets the very same standard of excellence it set just this year. According to a brand new cover leak, Resident Evil 3 Remake is a real thing, and it seems like it’s further along than many may have expected based on the cover art. The cover art was spotted on Gamstat, a website that tracks new additions to the PlayStation Network, and there are international and Japanese versions of the Resident Evil 3 Remake covers present. Both of them feature Nemesis, looking more gruesome than ever, while the international version and regular version of the Japanese release of Resident Evil 3 Remake also features new models of Jill and Carlos, who look radically different from their 1998 counterparts and have the same amount of detail that helped boost Resident Evil 2 Remake to such staggering success.

The cover art also clearly indicates a special edition of the game of some kind, as there is Biohazard RE:3 Z Version labeled on a version that only has an extended art of Nemesis on the cover. The Resident Evil 3 Remake cover leak is likely an indicator that the title will be on prominent display soon and, with The Game Awards coming up next week, that seems to be the most obvious option for Capcom.

Even though the Resident Evil 3 Remake cover leak is unfortunate for Capcom, it’s not going to dull fan hype for what many requested after the sterling quality of Resident Evil 2 Remake. If Capcom is able to once again build up a reverent title that pays homage to the qualities fans loved while creating a brand new modern experience, it’s safe to say the publisher’s 2020 could very well imitate the dizzying highs of its 2019.

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Source: Gamstat (via ResetEra)