Another significant Resident Evil 3 remake leak has hit, this time a trove of gameplay screenshots that show off new monster designs. In addition to previously unseen looks at the game’s terrifying antagonist, Nemesis, the new images also reveal the first-ever look at the redesign of a haunting subterranean boss.

The story of Resident Evil 3’s development thus far has been one defined by rumors and leaks, something that’s undoubtedly helped Capcom’s online marketing efforts more than any expensive campaign. The game’s very existence, which had been speculated upon since the lauded remake of Resident Evil 2 released last year, was leaked when Resident Evil 3 box art surfaced online in December. The cover of the standard edition prominently features protagonists Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira and, of course, Nemesis, for whom the original release was subtitled. An experimental Umbrella Corporation bio-weapon and the game’s intimidating answer to the previous entry’s Mr. X, Nemesis’s redesign was officially unveiled to fans in a trailer last month.

Ever scrupulous, the Resident Evil community on Resetera has compiled a huge collection of screenshots ahead of the Resident Evil 3 remake’s February 25 preview embargo. Most of the new images show candid gameplay moments that seem to confirm this remake will be as unnerving and gorgeously grotesque as the last, with a few depicting a massive, slimy sewer creature which appears to be none other than the original Resident Evil 3 Grave Digger boss. The four-mandibled horror looks larger and certainly more disgusting than the original PlayStation was ever capable of rendering, and the dank darkness of its underground lair may have the potential to unnerve even veteran horror enthusiasts if the still pictures reflect the gameplay experience.

Capcom is sure to make myriad changes to the core gameplay, design, and structure of the two decade-old original, such as the decision to can Mercenaries mode in favor of an online component. However, the most iconic monsters of Resident Evil 3 appear to be intact, as the above nightmare creature is unquestionably the sewer-dwelling Grave Digger. At the high point of the story’s tension - and before the game slips completely into a patented Resident Evil-tier web of convolution and betrayal - Jill is separated from Carlos’s shady comrade, Nikolai Zinoviev, in the sewers of Raccoon City, and she’s forced to tackle the worm-like monster on her own in order to progress. The story beats surrounding Grave Digger’s encounter may change, but it’s exciting to know the boss is getting the same remake treatment as Nemesis.

Capcom has regained a vast amount popularity in recent years, and it’s reputation wasn’t salvaged solely on the backs of critical and commercial successes like of Devil May Cry 5 and the recent Resident Evil titles. Organic, fan-driven viral marketing was an invaluable factor in the warm reception of the Resident Evil 2 remake, and it seems that Capcom’s liberal approach to fans getting excited about pre-release material regardless of its officialism has the potential to be a winning strategy with Resident Evil 3, as well.

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Resident Evil 3 is coming to PS4, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows on April 3, 2020.

Source: Dusk Golem/Resetera