We’re here to take the guesswork and tedium out of finding said codes, with our Resident Evil 3 all safe codes and locker combinations guide.

Resident Evil 3 Safe Combinations

Drugstore Safe

The first safe you’ll come across is one you might recognize from the demo. It’s in the building across from the pharmacy, and you’ll find it on your quest to restore the substation’s power. If you want the combination yourself, you can find it in the actual pharmacy, on the Aqua Cure poster.

Drugstore Safe combination:

9 left 3 right 7 left

You’ll get the Dot Sight handgun for your trouble

Raccoon Police Department Safe

The next safe is in the Raccoon City Police Department’s West Office. It’s the same safe and same code from last year’s Resident Evil 2 actually. The combination is on a desk in the Dark Room.

Police Station Safe Combination

9 left 15 right 7 left

This one gives you the extremely-valuable Hip Pouch item that expands your inventory capacity.

Hospital Nurse’s Station Safe

The last safe is in Spencer Memorial Hospital, at the nurse’s station on the second floor. You’ll need the locker key and ID card to get to the room where the code is if you want it, though. It’s in the Operating Room on the first floor.

Hospital Safe Combination

9 right 3 left

This safe coughs up a Dual Magazine for your Assault Rifle.

Resident Evil 3 Locker Codes

Shower Room Locker

The first locked locker you’ll find is also in the Raccoon City Police Department, up in the Shower Room on the second floor. The code is back in a room adjacent to the Operations Room on the first floor if you want to find it, scrawled on a whiteboard.

The code location might be different, but the code itself is the same as it was in Resident Evil 2:

Shower Room Locker Code


You’ll get a flash grenade for your trouble. While there’s no trophy for using a flash grenade like there was in Resident Evil 2, it’s still a super-handy defensive weapon.

Police Station Third Floor Hallway Locker

The second, and last, locker is in the third-floor hallway in the Raccoon City Police Department.

The code requires some backtracking to get. Grab the Safety Deposit Key from a stack of boxes a bit beyond the locker itself in the third-floor hallway, then go down to the Safety Deposit room on the first floor. The code is on a photo next to the whiteboard.

Police Station Third Floor Hallway Locker Code


This time, you get Assault Rifle Ammo, which is most definitely worth taking the time to find.

That’s it for all the safe codes and locker combinations in Resident Evil 3. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for our Resident Evil 3 review and more guides in the coming days.

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