The recently released Resident Evil 2: Remake allows players to experience the threats and horror of the original title with revamped graphics and newly implemented 3rd person shooter style of gameplay. The game provides players the opportunity to explore the zombie-infested world of Raccoon City exploring the abandoned police station, the terrifying sewers, and the mysterious N.E.S.T. lab. The game is typically a seemingly photocopy recreation of the original game with more polish, but here and there the remake provides players with new experiences, separating itself from its previous incarnation.

One of the ways in which Remake differs from the original game is the inclusion of a letter from Jill Valentine, the protagonist of Resident Evil 1 and 3. This letter is exclusive to Leon’s story and cannot be accessed through Claire’s sections of the story. This Easter egg hints at the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3 and is a sure nod to long-time fans of the survival horror franchise. This guide will demonstrate how to find the letter and the exact location it will be found in Leon’s story.

Finding the Letter in Resident Evil 2 Remake

After Leon has escaped the Raccoon City police department players will find themselves on the streets of Raccoon City. To escape the Police Department players will need the Parking Garage Key, which is found in the garage section of the Police Department. After players have successfully escaped the Police Department head right down the available street path.

Players will find a shop labeled Gun Shop Kendo, which is unlocked by Ada after a short cut scene in which the two talk to one another. Inside the shop, players will be met with an emotional cut scene featuring the Gun shop’s owner and his unfortunately infected daughter. Before you head to the section of the shop where this cut scene will trigger be sure to find the long barrel shotgun attachment hanging on the wall. Once this attachment is found, head to the opposite side of the shelf to find Jill’s letter. Be sure to press the interact button to pick up the letter and read the item.

After finding the letter congratulations! You are one of few people who found the clever nod to the fan-favorite sequel to Resident Evil 2 and will swell even more excitement for the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3. 

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Resident Evil 2 Remake is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.