Resident Evil 2 is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary on January 21st – just eight days from now. With news on the remake falling silent since its announcement back in 2015, this has led fans to speculate that a reveal of the highly anticipated remaster is finally imminent.

The first Resident Evil remake originally released for the GameCube in 2002, giving the visuals a complete overhaul and throwing in a terrifying new enemy. The Crimson Heads are the undead foe which would wake up upon being incapacitated to follow the player around the mansion. These improvements and additions built upon the base game to offer one of the truest and most complete survival horror experiences in gaming, so it’s no surprise fans are aching to see the second receive the same treatment.

Whether an announcement is due to drop around Resident Evil 2’s anniversary, it’s purely speculation. Either way, the tease suggests something scarily exciting is afoot soon, and hopefully it’s zombies in Raccoon City.