Due to the success of the recent re-release of the first Resident Evil title to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and last gen consoles, this announcement is not that surprising. Check out the short announcement trailer from the game’s producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi below:


Although hardly any details about the remake are given, Hirabayashi ensures Resident Evil 2 fans that the remake is indeed in development. From the short video, it seems Capcom will be considering fan input for the remake through their Facebook page. 

Other than that, no details about platforms or a possible release date were given. 

The remake of Resident Evil was revamped with new story content and a complete overall of the graphics. The remake was well received by critics and gamers as well.

As a fan of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2 was always my favorite in the franchise. The game had a unique feature of not only incorporating two branching story paths, but also allowing players to play through “B” scenarios that depicted what Claire was doing during Leon’s main story mission or vice versa. Hopefully, Capcom will expand on this in the new remake.

Earlier this year, Capcom announced an HD remake of Resident Evil: Zero to be released sometime in 2016.