One of the most difficult sections to navigate in Resident Evil 2 Remake is completing the chess piece puzzle in the sewers of Raccoon City. This puzzle requires players to search the sewers and find three chess piece plugins in order to leave the sewers. Upon a first playthrough, this section could be incredibly difficult to navigate, given the maze-like quality of this section of sewer.

You will need the King, Queen, and Rook chess pieces to complete the puzzle. Finding them is no small feat but this guide will demonstrate the location of each of the three chess pieces and how to use them correctly. With some guidance, this section of Resident Evil 2 Remake will become more than easy, even on a beginner’s playthrough.

Finding the King and Queen Pieces in Resident Evil 2 Remake

The first two chess pieces are, thankfully, located in the same place. The two plugins are both in the storage facility located at the bottom of the sewers. Unfortunately, to get to the storage facility is a difficult and tricky endeavor.

The first step in getting the king and queen chess pieces is to cross the bridge located directly outside the plugin power room. Once crossed, find and pick up the tool item. This tool is the most important item to have in order to collect the pieces, it allows players access to rooms that would be impossible without it.

Once you locate the tool, head towards the door with the glowing red “exit” sign hanging above. Go through the door and head down the stairs until you reach a room with a circular guard rail. Once you get to this room make a hard left and you will find a metal door with a red sign to the left of it. Once you get to this door head to the metal lock placed in front of the red sign and use the tool. This will open the door and continue your path to the storage facility.

After you open the door head straight until you reach a metal desk. On the desk will be a key, be sure to grab it before you continue. After you grab the key descend the ladder beside the desk. This will land you on the Bottom Waterway, a stretch of sewage which will take you to the storage facility. When trekking through the waterway be wary of the two monsters in the area. These monsters are extremely dangerous and durable if at all possible ignore them, they require an extreme amount of resources to kill.

Once you get past the waterway head straight and enter the storage facility. This is where things start to get difficult, once you enter the storage facility head down the set of stairs towards the queen piece plug. Once you get the queen plug, you will hear a gate shut, head back towards the electrical panel labeled “queen piece plug” interact with the panel and insert the queen piece. After you do this, head back up the stairs where you will find king piece. Grab the king piece from the panel, once you do so the gate leading to the bottom floor will shut.

After the gate shuts, you will find an opening in the guard rail, drop down to the bottom floor where you will encounter a zombie. Dispatch of the zombie then head towards the king panel at the opposite end of the basement. The gate will open and you will be able to add the flamethrower to your inventory. This weapon is vital to defeat end-game enemies so be sure to grab it before you leave. After you get the flamethrower, collect your king piece and head back to where the queen piece is plugged into, pick it back up. This will shut the gate you walked through, turn around and head down the only available path until you reach a gate and another queen plugin. Insert the piece in the outlet and head through the open gate. This will open a path to the stairs heading upwards. After the gate opens, head to where you received the flame thrower, and insert your king piece into that outlet. Backtrack to where you just plugged in the queen piece and retrieve it, follow the open pathway to the flamethrower gate. Once you exit the gate retrieve your king piece and head back up the stairs, leaving the storage facility.

After you complete the storage facility puzzle head back to the plugin power room and insert each piece in their respective outlet.

Finding the Rook Piece in Resident Evil 2 Remake

After inserting the king and queen piece in the plugin power room, head towards the door with the exit sign again. Head down towards the circular room and take a right. After heading right you will be placed in another section of sewer, head towards the end of the sewer and avoid the monster who will attempt to ambush you from a hole to the right of the hallway.

When you get to the end of the sewer use the tool to open another door. The room that is uncovered will house an elevator, hop on the elevator and press the button, this will take you upwards. The elevator will place you in the workroom. Once in the workroom, head towards the only door in the room. Unlock the door and you will see the last chess piece directly to the left.

After grabbing the final piece avoid the worker zombie and make a right turn towards the set of stairs at the corner of the room. Follow the path, passing a dead armored agent until reaching another sewer tunnel. This tunnel hides two zombies, either avoid or kill them and head to the end of the hallway. Use the tool to open another door that will take you on a path back to the circular room. Cross the bridge and head back to the plugin power room.

Once back in the power room be sure you placed each plug in the right outlet associated with their chess piece. After inserting each plug the locked door will open and allow you to continue your nightmare filled journey through the world of Resident Evil 2 Remake. 

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Resident Evil 2 Remake is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.