As players travel the zombie-infested Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2 Remake, they will surely encounter and avoid the terrifying tyrant monster. The tyrant, also known as Mr. X, is a massive creature who impedes player progress throughout the entirety of the game. A creature introduced early on during the Racoon City Police Department section appears throughout the game following the player and attempting to harm them.

Throughout the game, it is evident that Mr. X is seemingly invincible to your attacks. When shot in the body, his trench coat deflects bullets and the only way to stop him is a well-timed bullet to the head. Even when shot in the head Mr. X is only stunned for a few seconds before continuing his pursuits. So for players reaching the conclusion of Resident Evil 2 Remake having to tackle such a dangerous villain may seem daunting at first. With some guidance, this fight will prove to be no harder than the challenges leading to this point in the game.

Preparation for Fighting Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Leading up to the end section of the game players must escape the laboratory as it begins to explode. It is important to stockpile a variety of key items. These items are crucial for success when facing the tyrant that is Mr. X. The most important items to bring into the boss fight against Mr. X are a variety of healing items, a surplus of small and heavy ammo, and a few grenades. These items will allow you to face and defeat Mr. X with ease.

A wide array of healing items are an important facet of facing the giant tyrant. He has a variety of high damaging attacks involving his large clawed hand that, if not treated, can kill a player in two or three solid hits. Being able to recover from his vicious onslaught of attacks is the only way to survive the boss battle against Mr. X.

Having a wide variety and a large amount of ammo is an important aspect of defeating Mr. X. The most important ammo types to stockpile are handgun ammo and shotgun shells. These will be your primary method of dealing with Mr. X’s weak point. Having a magazine or two’s worth of magnum ammo is valuable for stunning the menacing mutant.

The final item to be sure to bring against Mr. X is a few hand grenades. These bombs are a sure way to stun Mr. X as they almost always leave him in a reeling back animation. Keeping these in your inventory may buy enough time for players to create space from the monster or avoid an almost lethal attack.

Battling Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 Remake

After escaping the burning laboratory underneath Raccoon City players will be face to face with a large elevator, a joint plug-in, an inventory chest, and a few rounds of magnum ammo. The elevator serves as the arena to face Mr. X and will be the last area in the game. Before entering the elevator platform be sure to check your inventory space for any herbs, ammo, or any items that might be useful against the creature. After enough preparation, interact with the control panel of the elevator and insert the joint plugs.

After inserting the joint plugs, Mr. X will jump down on the platform and begin to approach and attack the player. The most important aspect of the Mr. X boss battle is to memorize his attack pattern and avoid his powerful claw attacks. Mr. X has three moves he rotates between. A three swipe claw attack, a jumping claw attack in which he attempts to impale the player, and a devastating swipe in which he drags his claw along the ground. Of the three moves the most important one to recognize and avoid is his strong slash, where he drags his claw along the ground, this move can take off half of a player’s health if landed and is Mr. X’s most dangerous technique.

When doing battle with Mr. X be sure to shoot the small heart-like growth on his chest. This is where he takes the most damage when struck. A good strategy to defeat Mr. X is to utilize the spread and damage of the shotgun in order to do large amounts of damage to his heart. If the player is a good enough shot, the handgun and magnum can dish out large amounts of damage to the heart and end the fight quickly. Regardless of which weapon you decide to choose, it is vital that you aim to damage Mr. X’s heart as that is his primary weakness.

When doing battle with Mr. X, the amount of damage you have done to him will be displayed in two ways. One being the increase of rocks falling from the ceiling of the arena, the more rocks that fall means the closer you are to defeating Mr. X. These rocks can be used as cover to protect from his slashing attack, so be sure to use those to protect yourself from Mr. X’s attacks. As you continue to damage him, Mr. X will grow faster and more aggressive. This, along with his visual color change, will be key factors in determining that the fight is reaching its end.

After surviving a few minutes with Mr. X in his heightened aggressive state, a cut scene will occur in which the player will have access to the anti-tank missile launcher. After gaining this weapon the fight becomes as simple as aim and shoot, one shot from the missile launcher will kill Mr. X and end the boss fight.

Finishing the Game in Resident Evil 2 Remake

After you defeat Mr. X simply take a right towards the door labeled exit and use the missile launcher to kill the zombies approaching the player. After you have defeated these enemies simply head down the stairs and the final cut scene will begin to play.

The Mr. X tyrant boss fight is the final major section of the game and one of these most satisfying to complete. The harassing and terrifying monster serves as the perfect sound off for players finishing the horror-filled world of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake is available on PC, Playstation 4, & Xbox One.