A new fan mod for Resident Evil 2 replaces Mr. X with the Nemesis from the third game. A remake of Resident Evil 2 was long requested by fans, with the second game often considered the pinnacle of the entire series. The remake was confirmed in 2015 and after a long period of development, and a trailer was finally released during E3 2018. While some franchise devotees lamented the lack of fixed camera angles and other changes, the new Resident Evil 2 was greeted with a very warm reception.

The remake reimagines the original title from the ground up and even manages to make zombies scary again after years of overexposure. Resident Evil 2 has been a great success both critically and commercially and there are already reports a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is well into development at Capcom. This remake is also expected to be the next title released from the series, with Resident Evil 8 taking a backseat for now.

The remake of Resident Evil 2 also reimagines tyrant stalker Mr. X as a relentless pursuer who inspires dread when players hear his stomping boots approaching. A new mod from forum user ZERO (video via BeastGamingHD) takes this fear to the next logical level, by replacing Mr. X with the Nemesis instead. This upgraded tyrant first appeared in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, chasing after players throughout the entire campaign. He’s armed with a rocket launcher, is able to move at superhuman speed and takes a lot of ammunition to put down.

The Nemesis seen in this mod is really a reskinned version of Resident Evil 2’s tyrant so he lacks a rocket launcher, but due to reusing music and sound cues from Resident Evil 3, the effect is complete. The Nemesis is one of the most iconic monsters of the franchise, and in addition to reappearing in various games like Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, he made his live-action debut in 2004’s Resident Evil: Apocalypse. His return in the eventual Resident Evil 3 remake is sure to inspire fear in a whole new generation of gamers.

Following the success of Resident Evil 2, the franchise appears to be busy on all fronts. Director Johannes Roberts (47 Metres Down) was recently hired to write and direct a Resident Evil movie reboot. James Wan was also reported to be producing that reboot, but recently confirmed he’s no longer involved. A Netflix TV show is also in the works and is said to focus on the inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation, though it’s unknown how that project is connected to the movie reboot, if at all.

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Source: ZERO (via BeastGamingHD)