A new fan mod for Resident Evil 2 brings in characters from classic survival horror series Dino Crisis. The original Resident Evil wasn’t the first survival horror game, though it quickly made the subgenre mainstream. Dino Crisis hit upon the simple, but ingenious notion of a survival horror title with dinosaurs instead of monsters, with Resident Evil helmer Shinji Mikami directing. The original Dino Crisis was an intense experience with memorable set pieces, with the dinosaurs able to react and adapt to the player’s tactics.

Dino Crisis 2 changed up the gameplay completely, dropping item management and puzzle solving in favor of arcade-style action. Lead protagonist Regina returned and a new teammate named Dylan Morton was introduced, with the game switching control between the two throughout the story. A spinoff appeared in 2002 dubbed Dino Stalker, which was a first-person light gun shooter that featured characters from Dino Crisis. The last installment was 2003’s Dino Crisis 3, with a story set centuries into the future. The action took place on a space station overrun with mutated dinosaur creatures, but despite some novel gameplay concepts like a jetpack, the lack of enemy variety and awful camera saw the game receive mixed to negative reviews.

The remake of Resident Evil 2 has been met with near universal acclaim since release, with the game recently receiving new DLC in the form of The Ghost Survivors. Dino Crisis fans longing for a revival of the dormant franchise may want to check out a new Resident Evil 2 mod from Crazy Potato, which turns Claire Redfield into Regina and Leon into Dylan. Sadly, the mod doesn’t add any actual dinosaurs to the game.

There has been no real sign of Capcom reviving Dino Crisis in the years since the last installment, but the reception to Resident Evil 2 could change that. They recently released a HD remaster of another classic title Onimusha: Warlords and Devil May Cry 5 is due this March. The Dino Crisis mod should give those craving a modern take on the series some solace, in lieu of a new game. The modding community has been very active with Resident Evil 2, with mods that add fixed camera angles to the game and others that replace Mr. X’s theme with a DMX song.

While no movement has been made with a Dino Crisis reboot, reports suggest Capcom are diving right into a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, following the success of Resident Evil 2. That title is another classic PlayStation One era survival horror game and featured Jill Valentine escaping Raccoon City with a relentless, unkillable monster dubbed the Nemesis chasing her. The game is set to come out before Resident Evil 8, which Capcom is also said to be developing.

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Source: Crazy Potato