Here’s how to find the police station medallions in the Resident Evil 2 remake. The original Resident Evil - AKA Biohazard - started as a remake of Capcom’s Sweet Home. This 1989 title was a tie-in for a horror movie of the same name, and pioneered certain survival horror mechanics like inventory management, solving puzzles and the story unfolding via diary pages. Resident Evil evolved throughout development into something new, dropping players in a mansion infested with zombies and monsters, though the influence of Sweet Home could still be felt.

The game was an unexpected smash for Capcom who quickly pressed ahead with Resident Evil 2. Development on the sequel was troubled, with an entire build of the game dubbed Resident Evil 1.5 being scrapped by producer Shinji Mikami when it was around 60% complete. This turned out to be a wise move as the final version of Resident Evil 2 is considered one of the best entries. The series has evolved in various ways since then, including a movie franchise starring Milla Jovovich and bizarre offshoots like Resident Evil: Dead Aim or Umbrella Corps.

Fans had long begged Capcom for a Resident Evil 2 remake and those cries were finally answered in 2019. The new Resident Evil 2 was a masterful update on the 1998 original and proved survival horror was alive and well. In addition to dodging/blasting the various monsters lurking within the RPD, players were also required to solve various puzzles. Here’s how to find the medallions for both Leon and Claire to use on the Goddess Statue in the Main Hall.

The Lion Medallion

Resident Evil 2’s Lion medallion is located on the second floor of the Main Hall. For Leon, pull out the Officer’s Notebook - obtained from an unlucky cop during an earlier cutscene - and look at the statue code located behind it. Enter the code Lion Head, Thistle and Bird to unlock the Lion medallion.

For Claire’s playthrough, the “Lion Statue” film is needed, which is found inside a yellow box in the Lounge, near the Unicorn Statue. Develop it in the darkroom to find the code, which is Crown, Flames, and Bird.

The Unicorn Medallion

Resident Evil 2’s Unicorn medallion is by far the easiest to obtain and is found in the RPD’s lounge. For Leon, the code is Fish, Scorpion, and Jug, while Claire has to enter Children, Scales, and Snake.

The Maiden Medallion

The Maiden medallion requires some busy work in Resident Evil 2. It’s found in the West Storage Room, so for Leon, first acquire the Cutting Tool on the Fire Escape and use it to gain access to the East Office. The Round Handle is found on a desk inside, so then head to the Operations Room on the map. Use the Cutting Tool again on the door and pick up the Electronic Gadget. Then head to the Shower Room, use the Round Handle to shut off the steam and pick up a battery from the S.T.A.R.S office.

Now Leon has all the ingredients, head to the West Storage Room and use the assembled pieces to make a Detonator. Place it on the barricade and blow it up, then enter Woman, Bow, and Snake as a code to nab the Maiden medallion. For Claire’s Resident Evil 2 playthrough, enter Ram, Harp, and Bird instead. Then return to the Main Hall and use all three medallions on the Goddess Statue to unlock the hidden passage.

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