The remake of Resident Evil 2 has secrets that can only be unlocked by meeting different requirements, but a new piece of DLC allows the player to pay real money to gain access to them straight away.

Resident Evil 2 has several unlockable items and modes that require the player to perform certain tasks in order to access them. The unlockable secrets include the ability to play as an Umbrella soldier named Hunk, as well as an animated block of Tofu, in their own separate modes, which come straight from the original Resident Evil 2. It’s also possible to unlock different costumes, items, pieces of concept art, and weapons, by completing the game on different difficulty settings.

If the player is too lazy to actually play the game that they spent good money for, then Capcom has them covered, as it’s now possible to unlock all of the secrets in the game by paying real cash for the “All In-Game Rewards Unlock” DLC, which is available for $4.99 on every version of the game. According to True Achievements, those who purchase the All In-Game Rewards Unlock DLC will receive instant access to the Hunk & Tofu modes (as well as the alternate versions of Tofu, such as Flan), the 3D models & concept art, the weapons with infinite ammo, the unbreakable combat knife, and the unlockable costumes for every character.

There are free-to-play games that encourage people to spend money by instantly unlocking items that might be tedious to acquire otherwise, but the Resident Evil 2 secrets simply require the player to play the game. The Hunk mode requires you to complete both Leon & Claire’s scenario, while Tofu requires you to complete Hunk’s scenario. The unbreakable combat knife requires you to destroy all of the Mr. Raccoon toys, while the unlimited ammo weapons require you to complete the game with a high ranking.

It might be fun to blitz through the game from the start with the best weapons, but it would be up to each player to determine whether it’s worth spending almost five dollars in order to do so from the start of the game, rather than enjoying the survival horror title in the way it’s meant to be experienced. Resident Evil 2 has been praised for receiving free DLC story episodes and for the paid content being relegated to costumes and weapons. The addition of paid DLC that unlocks all in-game content isn’t new to Resident Evil 2, but it still seems like a strange thing to sell, as the player is paying to unlock things that they can access for free.

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Source: True Achievements