Destroying one statue completes the Vermin Extermination record, unlocking various logos’ concept art; destroying 10 statues completes Endangered Species, which unlocks the Mr. Raccoon model in the gallery; and getting all 15 completes Complete Vermin Extermination, which is both a record and an achievement/trophy.

The latter also unlocks an infinite-durability combat knife, which is more of a resource than you might think, especially on harder difficulties. Once you’ve destroyed all 15 statues, pull up your Records screen in the pause or main menus to officially mark the record complete. After that, you can find the infinite knife in any item box.

(It isn’t considered a normal combat knife, however, so you can’t use it to cut the tape off the switch at the start of a 1st run. Errata, 2/7/19: It turns out you can still get an S+ run on any difficulty while still using the infinite combat knife.)

Be warned: This guide contains mild spoilers. 

Important Things to Know While Hunting Statues

Destroying a Mr. Raccoon on any difficulty affects every game played from that point forward on that profile. You can still see the trademark red pedestals when they’re visible, but the statues are permanently gone. This even happens if you destroy a statue, then die or restart afterward. (This is useful to remember if you’re trying for achievements like One Slick Super-Spy, where you can’t fire a shot during a certain section of the game.)

An intact statue often makes a faint clinking noise that’s barely audible if you’re standing nearby, although it’s easily drowned out by the soundtrack.

Several statues are in areas that are exclusive to one scenario or the other, so you’ll need to play both Leon and Claire’s games to complete your Mr. Raccoon killing spree. They are not locked by difficulty, or which run you’re on.

Non-Exclusive Raccoon Statues

These raccoon statues can be found at any time and in either scenario, as long as you still have access to the areas in which they’re found.

Raccoon Statue 1

In the RPD’s West Office, on top of the shelves that line the northern wall. If you’re facing Leon’s desk, it’s on your right. (See above.)

Raccoon Statue 2

In the STARS Office, behind a CRT monitor to the left of the big radio console on the south end of the room.

Raccoon Statue 3

Below the leftmost target in the RPD firing range in the basement. It’s slightly easier to find as Leon once you’ve restored power via the Generator Room, as it turns the lights back on.

Raccoon Statue 4

At the end of the blocked west hallway on the RPD’s 3rd floor, only accessible via the Clock Tower.

Raccoon Statue 5

This one is right out in the open in the waiting area, in front of Chief Irons’s office, next to the stairs.

Raccoon Statue 6

When you first enter the Supplies Storage Room in the sewers, climb the stairs to the landing and look to the left. Mr. Raccoon is on the floor between the table and the wall.

Raccoon Statue 7 

On a table next to the maintenance ladder in the back of the lab’s cafeteria.

Raccoon Statue 8

When you get the Signal Modulator, double back to the Nap Room and turn the power back on. This opens the nearby nap pods, which reveals a Hip Pouch, a zombie, and a Mr. Raccoon statue.

Second-Run Raccoon Statues

Raccoon Statue 9

In the exterior Entrance area of the RPD, where a character begins the game on a second run, keep an eye on the bushes along the north side of the central path. The Statue is barely visible under a bush.

Raccoon Statue 10

On Claire’s second run, or when Leon gets back from the parking garage, check out the Break Room in the east wing of the RPD. Mr. Raccoon is hiding behind a duffel bag at the foot of one of the bunk beds.

Character-Specific Raccoon Statues

Raccoon Statue 11 – Claire Only

When you get the Heart key and open the side closet in the East Storage Room near Irons’s office, where you’ll find one of the parts you need to fix Irons’s door, look up. There’s a Mr. Raccoon on top of the shelves.

Raccoon Statue 12 – Claire Only

Check the dashboard of the crashed bus that you duck through on your way to the orphanage.

Raccoon Statue 13 – Claire Only

When you enter the orphanage, go upstairs to the Playroom. There’s a file in the bathroom and a Mr. Raccoon on the shelves near the entrance door. (You can hear the sounds the statue makes as Sherry, and even spot it, but you can’t destroy it until you revisit this room as Claire.)

Raccoon Statue 14 – Leon Only

After the alligator chase, climb the ladder, then turn around and look down. There’s a Mr. Raccoon statue in the far corner, behind the piles of trash.

Raccoon Statue 15

During Ada’s sequence, look to the right of the incinerator door, on the ground.

That’s every Mr. Raccoon statue in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Be sure to check out our other Resident Evil 2 guides for more tips and collectible lists, such as

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