The Resident Evil franchise is one of the most beloved in the zombie genre. Resident Evil 2, originally released in 1998, is a favorite title in the series and was recently remade and released. The remake has been met with critical acclaim and fans seem to love it, too. For hardcore fans of the original game, the Resident Evil series, or the zombie genre in general, will notice an epic amount of Easter eggs and references. The game includes every Easter egg from its predecessor as well as a host of original ones, too. Read on to see some of the best-hidden treats in the game!

10. Welcome Leon

Fans of the original game will no doubt remember this infamous detail. The other members of the RPD decided to get a little festive and welcome their new rookie to the station. A paper banner can be found in the original game that reads “Wellcome Leon.” Fans loved the misspelled sign and it became a beloved Easter egg. In the remake, however, a banner hangs in the station to welcome Leon to the force. This one appears to be spelled correctly, leaving some fans let down.

If you’re really observant you’ll notice a space between the “L” and the “C,” and if you have a really keen eye you can find a paper “L” in the station that was removed from the banner. It seems the RPD eventually caught their mistake.

9. Release Date

Starting out at the gas station, you’ll find a variety of Easter eggs. Perhaps the most obscure is the phone number on the door. The number is (555) 129-1998. The original game was released on January 29th, 1998, so only hardcore fans will catch it but it’s one of the most touching nods in the game.

8. Frank West Poster

It’s no secret that fans of any zombie franchise are probably fans of the entire genre. Nothing beats the thrill of the walking dead popping out from an abandoned library stack. If you’re a zombie fanatic, you may have caught this nod to another popular zombie franchise, Dead Rising. Frank West is the protagonist of Dead Rising 1 and 4. He’s a photojournalist who works freelance and brags that he’s covered active war zones. In Resident Evil 2, a poster can be found that reads “Frank East, Photographer for hire.” That’s too good to be a coincidence.

7. Elza Walker

For dyed-in-the-wool fans of the Resident Evil franchise, this Easter egg is an awesome treat. There was a scraped protagonist in the original version of Resident Evil 2 and her name was Elza Walker. She was a student at Racoon University and an avid motorcyclist. Owners of the Deluxe Edition of the game can experience a piece of the abandoned heroine. The Deluxe Edition contains a special weapon, the ability to revert to the original soundtrack, reversible box art, and five extra character skins. One of these skins is an homage to Elza’s red and white moto kit that Claire can sport.

6. Rita Philips’ Desk

Rita Phillips is a Racoon PD legend. When the T-Virus first broke out, she bravely tried to hold the line at the RPD station. As wave after wave of the infected swarmed the building, Rita and her fellow officers fought them back until all hope was lost. Rita masterminded a plan to use the station’s vent system as a last ditch escape effort. She managed to make her way out of the station and met up with a fellow surviving officer. Upon her return, they found the station overrun where Rita made it out alive, but what happened to her after that is a mystery. Fans can find her desk and brass nameplate in the RPD station and remember one of the greatest heroes in the game.

5. Jill’s Sandwiches

This one is an Easter egg about an Easter egg. Anyone who played the first Resident Evil game probably remembers an infamous line. When Jill is narrowly rescued from the ceiling trap, her partner jokes that she was almost a “Jill Sandwich.” That one line has become a meme; it was such a popular joke that the developers of Dead Rising created a restaurant in their game called “Jill’s Sandwiches.” A reference to that Easter egg can be found in the remake of Resident Evil 2; fans will see a flyer advertising the restaurant from Dead Rising. Claire gets in on the fun by joking that she too almost becomes a Claire sandwich.

4. Recruitment Poster

Another background element with a hidden Easter egg is the Racoon Police Department recruitment poster you can find as you explore. It features an image of Brad Vickers. Brad was a member of the RPD STARS team. He was the brave pilot who helped his teammates Jill and Chris in the first game. Brad tragically met his end at the hands of Nemesis in Resident Evil 3, though. The franchise loves to use Brad as an Easter egg. If a player made it all the way to the police station without picking up any items or weapons in the original Resident Evil 2, Brad can be found staggering around as a zombie.

3. Rebecca Chambers

This Easter egg may be total fan service but it’s still a great throwback to the original game. In the 1998 version, fans could find a hidden roll of film by using Wesker’s desk. You had to use the desk 50 times in order to find it. Once the film was found and developed, players were in possession of a racy sportswear photo of rookie Rebecca Chambers. This cheesy detail is much easier to access in the remake. You only need to use the desk once to find it then a second time to pick it up. The photo has been remastered in the remake so it might be worth it to check it out if you liked the original.

2. Mikhail’s Perogies

In Resident Evil 3, Mikhail Viktor was sent to Racoon City when the T-Virus broke out as part of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. He bravely sacrificed himself in a fiery explosion while fighting off the nemesis. His death allowed Carlos and Jill Valentine to escape, and players of the Resident Evil 2 remake can spot a humorous nod honoring this fallen Russian soldier. After you leave the police station and make your way through the parking garage, you can spot the restaurant Mikhail’s Perogies after opening the shutters. This is an homage to the fallen hero from the third game.

1. Mannequins

The last game in the series was Resident Evil 7. Those who played this game remember the haunting, armless mannequins you encounter at the beginning of the game. These creepy figures spooked players as they seemed to move as a player turned their back on them. You could even extend your play time in the demo version of the game by avoiding their detection. The mannequins make an appearance in the remake, of course, and can be found in a locked storage room on the third floor of the police station. There’s also a miniature version next to the club key. They’re just as creepy as they were in Resident Evil 7, but at least these ones don’t move.