A guy and his neighbour bravely prevented an armed man from breaking into a home in Adelaide’s west, pouncing on him until the police came.

After 7 p.m. yesterday, a resident of Richmond’s Elms Avenue awoke to an allegedly armed guy standing over his bed. 

The man screamed, chased the suspected criminal out of the house and yelling to his neighbours. He wrestled the alleged intruder to the ground, and a neighbour came

to help hold him down. 

According to security footage, police rushed down the driveway to assist the man and his neighbour, who had the alleged perpetrator down to the ground.

The man allegedly assaulted a resident and a neighbour during the chaos, leaving them too terrified to talk on camera about the event.

Residents expressed gratitude to their neighbours for assisting them before the cops arrived.A 58-year-old Edwardstown man has been charged with assault and aggravated severe criminal trespass.