You can try to factory reset your Spectrum remote to its original settings in case you have programmed it incorrectly to the point that you are unable to use it successfully. Keep in mind that doing so will reset everything.

Press ‘TV’. Press ‘OK’. Press ‘Delete’. Your remote will now reset to its factory settings.

You will now need to repair the remote with an RF2IR converter. Follow these steps:

To begin, take the RF2IR converter out of the Set-Top Box. Now press the ‘Find’ button for a few seconds. Reinsert the converter into the Set-top box while holding the ‘Find’ button. The old pairing code will now be erased. To pair the remote with the converter, bring it near to the set-top box and press any key on the remote. When the pairing is complete, press the ‘Find’ button on the RF2IR converter.

Free Stuck Buttons

This method is the easiest and highly efficient in some cases. Press and move all the buttons on your remote. Sometimes dust gets under and causes problems in signals transmission. 

Free Signal Obstructions

Assuming you are somebody with tons of things in plain view or a bunch of furniture in the middle of your TV and where you generally sit to watch it, then, at that point, your Spectrum remote may experience a few difficulties interfacing.

This is because you might have placed objects between the TV and remote which blocks signal transmission. Make sure that the way from your Spectrum remote to your TV is clear of impediments.

Contacting Spectrum Support Centre

If none of the following options work, contact Spectrum support center and explain the situation. Spectrum provides excellent customer service. You have the option of chatting and calling the operators.

Getting a new Remote

The remote itself might be the problem. In this case, consider buying another remote. It’s simple to do because you have two possibilities. You can either exchange your old remote for a new one at any Spectrum outlet. Alternatively, you can contact Spectrum and request a new remote. 

Summing it up

These are some practical ways to fix a Spectrum remote that isn’t working. Follow the steps outlined until you can resolve the problem. To avoid doing troubleshooting operations on your own, you can alternatively contact a professional technician.

My remote would not change channels. What should I do?

Press the ‘Cable’ button.

Why is my TV not responding to the remote?

Change your batteries.