How to reset the FiOS remote?

To reset your Fios remote, All you need to do is push and hold the OK button and the number “2” at the same time; Then drop hold; then press the 9-0-0 buttons in sequence. After that, you’ll see the Red semiconductor diode light blink thrice and switch off. This means that your settings have been restored successfully.

Looking for a step-by-step guide on how to reset your FiOS remote? We have implemented this guide to help fix your FiOS remote in a few seconds and return to watching your favorite films. Simply follow the easy steps outlined below.

What Kind Of FiOS Remote Do You Have?

It is exceptionally vital to note that all remotes have their reset approach. Therefore, before we go through the process, do well to identify your model. 

List of the different remote models:

Motorola DRC800Verizon P265 RemoteScientific-Atlanta AT8550 AllTouchPhilips RC 1445302Fios One Voice Remote

As stated earlier, each of these remotes has its reset policy. And in spite of the fact that these reset steps are nearly the same, there happen to be a couple of key changes here and there. 

Steps For Resetting The Motorola DRC800 Remote

Follow the simple steps below to reset the Motorola DRC800 remote:

Step 1 – Press and hold one of these keys for at least 10 seconds > DVD/VCR, TV, CABLE, or TV. 

Step 2 – The LED for a given device key you selected lights up, then the key for the particular device you select will remain on.

Step 3 – Enter 9-8-1.

Step 4 – The LED will blink two times. That shows that your remote has gone back to the plant settings.

Simple Steps For Resetting Your Verizon P265 Remote

Follow the straightforward steps below to reset the Verizon P265 remote:

Step 1 – Hold down Ok and 2 buttons at the same time to reset the Verizon P265 remote. At that point, let go. 

Step 2 – The Red LED will blink two times and still be on.

Step 3 – Enter 9-0-0

Step 4 – The Red LED will blink thrice and go off. That shows that your remote has gone back to the plant settings.

Simply Steps For Resetting Your Scientific-Atlanta AT8550 AllTouch Remote

Follow the simple steps below to reset the Scientific-Atlanta AT8550 AllTouch remote: 

Step 1 – Press and hold the SELECT button and the CBL button, until all the mode keys blink two times.

Step 2 – Press 9-8-1 in that sequence, until all keys blink thrice. At that point, after a couple of seconds, the CBL key will flicker two times.

Steps For Resetting The Fios One Voice Remote

See the straightforward steps below to reset the Fios One Voice remote:

Step 1 – Locate the Settings option under “Menu”.

Step 2 – Select “Voice Control”

Step 3 – From the popup screen, select the remote’s model which is “FiOS Voice Remote”.

Step 4 – Select the “Program Voice Remote” option. Then tap on “Reset Remote Setup”.

When Do You Need To Reset?

You should only resort to resetting your remote as your last option. This is simply because resetting your remote wipes off all previous settings from your remote and even removes the pairing with your TV box. 

Thus, the only point at which you would need to reset your FiOS remote is when you have tried all other troubleshooting options, such as changing the remote battery or turning the TV off and on again.

On the flip side, resetting your remote can be a great option if you can’t disconnect the pairing with your TV box following the normal procedure. But still, resetting your FiOS remote should always be your last option.


Assuming you were able to resolve whatever problem you were having with your remote, then congratulations. You have gained vital knowledge. Again, since manufacturers of TV and Remotes seem to be coming up with a particular pattern of standardization, you should be able to utilize this skill with other remotes.

However, if the reset process did not work for you then you can get the Myriad Universal Remote online. Such will help control your Fios TV box and also control your audio receivers and your speaker system. All of this is often attainable with only one Myriad Universal Remote.

  1. How Can One Find One’s FIOS Remote?

You’ll be able to discover your Fois Voice Remote by essentially pressing the control button on the Fios TV two times. As soon as that is done, the remote paired with the TV box will start to make a beeping sound.

  1. How Can A Person Sync His/her FIOS Remote To His/her TV?

There are two steps for doing so on your Fios voice remote:

Step 1 – To set up the Fios TV Voice Remote, first, go to Menu, then Settings, then Voice control, then Fios TV Voice Remote, then Program Voice Remote, then Automatic Setup.

When that’s done, you’ll get a “Success message” on the top right side of your TV box screen. 

Step 2 – To set up Fios TV Voice Remote, go to Menu, then Settings, then Voice control, then Fios TV Voice Remote, then Program Voice Remote, then Manual Setup.

  1. Can A Universal Remote Work With Verizon FIOS?

Many universal remotes work perfectly well with the Verizon Fios.

  1. Can Verizon Replace My Remote?

Yes, it can. Verizon can replace your malfunctioning or lost remote. But would have to buy it.