Please consult your user manual for instructions on how to reset the specific settings on your TV if you merely want to change one of the options. Your network settings won’t be affected by a factory reset, though.

Furthermore, your television has a variety of built-in self-diagnostics that can help you fix any problems you are having with the signal, network, picture, or sound.

Five indicators that a factory reset is necessary for Samsung smart TVs

Aberrant images, no images, no television channels, and no external device soundThere is no sound, distorted sound, unwelcome noise, or the video or audio playback is interrupted. Videos, images, or thumbnails do not correctly appear on a black screen. Screen mirroring, playback, or throw via USBThe programme operates wrongly.

Ways to Reset a Samsung TV

As people now-a-days uses the recent version of Televisions, so we have different settings in the TV Remote Controls and TV Setups.

Press the Home button- 

On the TV remote system, a house-shaped emblem appears on it.

Choose the Settings icon- 

It has a gear-shaped icon. On the main menu bar, it is the choice that is the farthest to the left. To get all the way over to the Settings icon, press the circular button’s left side. To choose the Settings menu, tap the rounded button inside the circle.

Choose the Support Option- 

It’s next to a cloud-shaped emblem with a question mark in the center. To move down until you highlight “Support,” press the bottom of the circle button. Then choose “Support” by pressing the rounded button.

Choose Device Care from the Support menu-

It is the second choice. The TV will perform a brief diagnostic before reporting its state. The bottom of the screen will then show 4 alternatives.

Choose Self Diagnosis- It is the second choice in the middle of the bottom of the screen. To move to the bottom, lower the button with a big circle on it. Then, to move right, hit the huge circle button’s right side. Press the rounded button in the center of the circle button to choose “Self Diagnosis” when it is highlighted.

Selecting the Rearranged Smart Hub- It can be found in the Self Diagnosis menu at the bottom. The choice with a green background is it. To get to the menu’s bottom, press down on the circle button. To choose the Reset Smart Hub option, hit the circular button with a round center.

Enter the Proper Pin- Enter your 4-digit PIN using the digits at the bottom of the screen. To move left and right across the number, press and hold the left and right circle buttons. To choose a number, press the rounded button in the center. The default PIN is “0000” if you haven’t specified one. Your TV will instantly reset if you do this. During the reset procedure, your TV can switch on and off.

You must get in touch with Samsung customer support if you’ve forgotten your PIN. Wait until the reset procedure is finished before unplugging your TV.

4 Steps to Update the Network on Samsung TV

Follow these ladders to do a web refresh on your Samsung Smart TV:

To access the Settings menu, use your remote to press the Home button.  On the left side of the screen, select the Settings > General > Network menu option. Select YES when the Reset Network option comes up by moving your mouse over it. Switch on your television again.


Let’s look to some conclusion points in context of Resetting the Samsung TV

To recover network settings, you must do a hard reset on your smart TV. To achieve this, go to the “Self Diagnosis” part of the “Support” menu in the TV’s settings. You will next be required to enter your PIN number and adhere to some on-screen instructions in order to restore your network settings. After removing every cable from the television, press and hold the “Power” button on the remote control for up to 10 seconds. After that, you have to wait a short while before pushing the Power button once more. There is a problem with the power source or the plugged-in power connection if it blinks before failing to turn on. A four-digit security PIN, which is by default set to 0000, is used to protect Samsung Smart TVs. If you have altered this PIN, the new PIN will, nevertheless, be accepted everywhere it is required. Alternately, you might need to reset your own pin if you forgot your PIN after upgrading it.