Insignia TV has Amazing features like parental controls, display adjustments, and sound settings. All of these features enhance your experience while watching your favorite TV shows and movies. But just like any other device this TV of yours should be rebooted from time to time to fix all the bugs that it may have acquired. This is done to make your TV more efficient and easier to use. If in case you have lost your remote, don’t lose hope as rebooting your insignia TV without a remote is possible. Here we will discuss all the steps one needs to take to reset your TV.

Follow the instructions given below to reset your Insignia TV without a remote:

Power up/ switch on your TVPress the menu button on your TV.   Use the arrow keys present there to help you navigate to the “settings” then option.  Press the enter button to select settingsYou will see a list on your TV screen. Click the option that says “Reset to default”.  A confirmation message will appear on your screen. Click on “yes” and the process of rebooting your TV will be started.  Search the exit button and tap it.  Just wait there until your TV is rebooted. Once the reboot/ reset is completed, you are now free to customize your TV After customization, your TV now is rebooted successfully.  

Once you have carefully followed the steps given above. All of the issues and bugs will vanish away from your TV making it more efficient and easier to use. 

Fix the issue of Insignia TV not turning on

When you are in a mood to watch your favorite shows on your TV but your TV doesn’t turn on? This could be a mood spoiler for anybody. But don’t worry, there is a solution to your problem.   

If due to some reasons your insignia TV is not switching on or not being able to turn on then you should carefully follow the steps we are about to discuss in the next paragraph. 

Steps to turn on your TV without a remote area:

The first thing that you should do is disconnect your TV from the power source. Now your TV has no source of power hence you can follow the next steps without the fear of getting an electric shock. The steps are very easy but still, precaution is better can cure.  Now, you need to press the power button on your TV for one minute.  You can release the power button when one minute is over.  Now just wait for a while.  Reconnect your TV with the power source. Now, hopefully, your TV will turn on and you will be able to enjoy your favorite TV show and movies.  

Turn on your insignia TV manually

Follow the steps below:

Plug your insignia TV adaptor into any electrical outlet.  Press the power button on the top of your TV.  Press the menu button on your remote.  A menu button will appear on your screen Use the channel and volume buttons of your remote to control the movements of the cursor.  Find the option that says setup menu.  Select plug and playEnjoy watching your TV.  


Insignia TV is an American company popularly known for the amazing TV they sell. To keep your TV away from bugs or to resolve a bug already present you need to reset/reboot your TV from time to time. This is the easiest way to solve the issue. We discussed all the steps you can take to reset your TV. Not only this we also talked about the instructions that need to be followed if your TV doesn’t turn on and if you want to manually turn on your TV. 

There is a red light flashing on my insignia tv. What to do? 

The flashing red light on your TV indicates that your TV is facing difficulty turning on and you need to take the necessary steps to fix the bug. 

I am not able to change channels on my insignia tv. What to do?

If you are not able to change channels on your insignia TV, simply turn on and off the TV. This will help you resolve the issue.